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John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.

Blogs to Follow

Hello there everyone! As a blogger I am in debt to all of the awesome bloggers out there, the ones that take the time to check on my blog, to reblog my articles, like them and so on. This is a huge community, where we -people- get together and share information we are interested in with others, and we even get to know each other (sometimes), by having some little chats in each others’ posts ...[Read More]

Microsoft: Xbox 360 friends stay there

It has been stated by @XboxSupport3 that Xbox 360 friends do not get transferred to the Xbox One: As you can see in the screenshot above, it is clearly stated that your friends won’t be transferred and that, in the case you have an Xbox 360 and get an Xbox One, you’ll have to completely different and separate Friends Lists. What do you think of this information?

Get 3 Legendary Pokemons for free

No, I’m sorry, but I am not the one giving them away… But yeah, the 3 Legendary Pokemons in the image can be obtained for free in selected stores around the US and U.K, at selected dates. Basically, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina will be obtainable for players just by going to any of the participating stores, at the selected time; being these stores GameStop and EB Games (in North Americ...[Read More]

PlayStation 4: Q&A

Sony has revealed a new video, answering plenty of questions from their upcoming next-gen console the PlayStation 4; covering from party chat to even 3D content; but I shouldn’t spoil anything here, so that you check out the video by yourself!

The Last of Us: 3rd position U.K. Chart

Ever since the release of post-apocalyptic zombie survival game The Last of Us, it has been in the top position for sales on the U.K. Chart. This lasted for 6 weeks, until now, when an increase of the 74% of sales for Xbox 360’s Minecraft got it to the top spot. This is not it, because Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us didn’t drop just one spot, but two. With Nintendo Wii U’s ti...[Read More]

Plants vs Zombies 2: What’s New

Plants vs Zombies has been quite a successful game, having millions of people playing just its first release. Now, Plants vs Zombies 2 brings some new features and a completely new way to bring down the zombies…with your plants…. In this video, we can see some of the new features, and places where this epic battle between plants and zombies take place.

GTA V vs. Max Payne 3

Plenty of us -gamers- have been waiting for the release of Rockstar Games’ next Grand Theft Auto game of the saga, Grand Theft Auto 5. Well, after the first video that Rockstar Games released of the game, we all got amazed, it simply looks awesome, doesn’t it? Unfortunately (?) for them, youtuber datarace1 has taken the time to do a comparison of GTA V and Max Payne 3, recreating the s...[Read More]

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Gameplay

There’s a 9 minutes video, courtesy of VG247 showing the first minutes of this game, if you are as interested as I’ve been ever since the game was announced, I highly recommend checking it out!

GameStop: PS4 pre-orders available

That’s right! GameStop has re-enabled pre-orders for Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. There is a limited stock of PlayStation 4 consoles for pre-order, but there are different bundles to choose from, which are: Killzone: Shadow Fall full basic bundle Call of Duty: Ghosts bundle Battlefield 4 Le Bundle Madden NFL 25 bundle Knack bundle Drive Club bundle Being the last 2 of th...[Read More]

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – The Chase

A new video has arrived from 2K Games, this is yet another live-active video from their upcoming game The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. This time it seems that Agent Cole has gotten in some troubles…check it out!

Dead Rising 3

Some new screenshots from the upcoming zombie-survival game Dead Rising 3 have appeared, showing…well….you can check them out by yourselves! What do you think of this chaos?

Saints Row IV: Game of the Generation Edition

Deep Silver and Volition have revealed yet another special edition of their upcoming Saints Row title; this time under the name of “Emperor Zinnyak’s Game of the Generation Edition” (yes, I know…a really long name). Basically this edition brings all the contents from Commander in Chief and Super Dangerous Wub Wub special editions of Saints Row IV, plus this amazing light-up rotat...[Read More]

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