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My name is Matthew, and I’m an avid gamer. Video games and writing are my two passions. After graduation, I plan to enter the gaming industry as a news writer for a gaming trade publication or a public relations specialist for a publisher. I enjoy playing many different genres of games (though I'm horrible at RTS and brawlers). I try to diversify what I play so I can take in many different ideas, cultures, game and art designs, and aspects of gaming to appreciate it better. I’m a thinker, I love to learn, and I'm here to bring you the latest news and share my opinions through the occasional editorial.

Mewtwo Rolling Out in Pokémon GO

Players at the special Pokémon GO Stadium event in Japan today are the world’s first to catch Mewtwo, and the legendary will soon appear worldwide.

Overwatch Getting New Map, Two New Modes

If last month’s Doomfist update and this month’s Summer Games aren’t enough for you, Overwatch will be getting two new game modes and a new map sometime soon.



Deformers Review

*This review is based on the state of Deformers as of mid-June. We did not play the game at launch, and it apparently had matchmaking issues that made it nearly unplayable at the time, dropping its review scores at most outlets. Many of the game’s issues have been resolved through patches, and our review is based on its post-launch, post-patch form.* Deformers is a kooky competitive brawler (thoug...[Read More]

Overwatch Summer Games Now Live

Summer Games have arrived in Overwatch with ranked Lucioball, a new arena, last year’s exclusive skins and a slew of new ones.

Zapdos Available in Pokémon GO

Zapdos, Team Instinct’s mascot in Pokémon GO, is now available in the game and can be fought in Raid Battles for a limited time.



Pyre Review

Every once in awhile, a game comes along that exceeds all expectations. For me, that was Supergiant Games’ 2014 title Transistor. To this day, it’s one of my all-time favorite games. So when I say that the studio’s latest effort, Pyre, is just as good as (and in some ways better than) Transistor, take note. Pyre once again defied all my expectations and has cemented its place as another personal f...[Read More]

Watch – Batman: The Enemy Within Trailer

Batman: The Enemy Within is the second season of Telltale Games‘ take on the character, and its first episode launches this month.

Next Battlefield Game Coming in 2018

In a recent investor call, Battlefield publisher Electronic Arts announced the newest entry in the series is coming in 2018.




SUPERHOT VR, more than any other game I’ve ever played in VR, has the ability to make the player feel like a total boss. If you’ve ever wanted to pull off that slow-mo scene from The Matrix, then SUPERHOT VR is the game for you. The gameplay is intense and with a buttery smooth flow, even if the mechanics and motion tracking have some flaws. Nonetheless, the game is certainly worth the price tag a...[Read More]

My Top Five Discoveries in Gaming Soundtracks

Sometimes, gaming soundtracks can introduce us to bands and artists we’ve never heard of. This article is all about five of my favorites gaming showed me.

Overwatch League Detailed Revealed

The Blizzard-backed Overwatch League is slated to get underway this year, and the company has released new details about how the league will run.

Zapdos and Moltres Coming to Pokémon GO ‘Soon’

With Lugia and Articuno recently being added to Pokémon GO, many missed the news that the other team mascots are on the way.

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