Assassin’s Creed: Origins Review

Assassin’s Creed is a well-known game franchise that most players have come to love.  They usually bring an amazing story, great graphics, and fun gameplay.  The newest to the franchise is Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and let me tell you after 35 hours of gameplay to play the story was intense and emotional.  You come to love the character you play and what he does for the story and his people, while also seeking revenge for someone he lost that he loved.  

After playing the game for many hours and when it was finished, I became quite sad and now I just want more.  Now l will go into the review, and hopefully you get a glimpse into this game and can make the decision on whether or not to play the game and see it all for yourself.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”30″]The Story[/su_heading]

In this story you are playing as Bayek, an Egyptian Medjay from Siwa. You also get to see and play as his wife Aya.  As you follow Bayek on his first quests you see that he is a true Medjay and one of the last who still fight for Siwa and Egypt.  You also learn of his son, and how his son died from Bayek’s own hands.  So now Bayek is fighting for Egypt and his son, trying to seek revenge on anyone and everyone that had to deal with his son’s death.  This sets the tone for the entire game.  It is emotional and you truly feel for the character.  

As Bayek seeks out his revenge on the people who had his son killed, we also see the relationship between him and his wife Aya.  Aya is fighting with Bayek in some missions, and works for the goddess Cleopatra.  Bayek starts to do some work for the goddess as well, but then gets back on track with his revenge.  As Bayek you play quests to find out who the killers were and where they are, you then seek them out to assassinate them.  During quests you find yourself investigating areas, fighting, hunting, and helping the people of Egypt.  

As Bayek progresses through the story and through the people he needs to assassinate you find yourself going into tombs seeking out answers.  Bayek also runs into Cesar and must assassinate him as well.  During which he finds out who the last man is who was the one that tricked him into killing his child.  When playing the story we learn more about Bayek and his life, and what the people of Egypt are like as well.  They also did a great job at making you feel like you are in Egypt, for example you get a glimpse at Egyptians mummifying people.  

There is one last thing to mention about this story, and that is you are actually a woman named Layla who uses an Animus and the DNA of the people to see inside them and be them.  You do not see much of Layla, but the concept behind the story is really cool.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”30″]Character Development[/su_heading]

As you play as Bayek the Medjay, you get to know the character and feel his emotions.  We learn about his son, his wife, and his revenge.  Bayek starts out strong and wanting to kill all the men who helped with killing his son.  Then we see his relationship with Aya start out strong and it seemed like a great love.  As the story progresses Bayek seeks his revenge and see the politics of Egypt start to crumble.  He takes care a business as a Medjay should for his people.  Aya and Bayek then separate and once Bayek assassinates the last man, he sets himself free.  Only being a Medjay and doing the work of one.  Bayek goes through a lot and comes out a stronger and better man because of all of it.  

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”30″]Characters[/su_heading]

[su_tabs active=”4″ vertical=”yes”]

[su_tab title=”Bayek“]

Bayek is the main character that you play in the story.  He is a Medjay from Siwa, Egypt who seeks out revenge for his son, while helping the people in need in Egypt.


[su_tab title=”Aya“]

Aya is Bayek’s wife and also is Cleopatra’s right hand girl.  In the game you get a chance to play as Aya in a couple quests and she is a very well-played character.  


[su_tab title=”Julius Caesar“]

General of the Roman Army and a well-known politician to the Roman Republic.


[su_tab title=”Cleopatra“]

Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt.  She convinces Caesar to marry her so she can become a ruler.  

[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”30″]Gameplay[/su_heading]

The gameplay of Assassin’s Creed: Origins was well done, and it was easy to use the controls and learn what you needed to do.  There were many quests to do which brought you to investigating areas, hunting, fighting, searching tombs, and even taking out boats on the seas.  There was much to do, as I mentioned before the story took me about 35 hours to play, and to be honest there is probably another 30 more just to open every area and loot every treasure.  The map is easy to use and to get to your items is easy as well.  The playable area and map are huge and there is a lot to explore.  

The Twelve Assassinations

  • The Hippo, Eudoros
  • The Heron, Rudjek
  • The Ibis, Medunamun
  • The Vulture, Actaeon
  • The Ram, Ktesos
  • The Scarab, Taharqa
  • The Hyena, Khaliset
  • The Crocodile, Berenike
  • The Lizard, Hetepi
  • The Jackal, Septimius
  • The Scorpion, Pothinus
  • The Lion, Flavus

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”30″]Soundtrack[/su_heading]

The soundtrack for this game brought great background music that kept you going during the game.  All the tracks were written by American composer Sarah Schachner.  

  1. Assassin’s Creed: Origins Main Theme – 3:15
  2. Return of the Medjay – 2:30
  3. Bayek of Siwa – 2:35
  4. The Shimmering Sands – 3:07
  5. The Battle of Krokodilopolis – 2:39
  6. The Tongueless Land – 3:29
  7. Legions of Blood – 2:38
  8. Dead Kings and Living Gods – 3:20
  9. Fire in the Duat – 3:17
  10. Born of the Sun – 2:38
  11. Winds Of Cyrene – 4:07
  12. I Walk on Your Water – 3:09
  13. The Order of the Ancients – 1:53
  14. Nomads of the White Desert – 2:54
  15. Be My Eyes – 1:48
  16. The Cracked Wall – 1:54
  17. The Alexandrian Pleiad – 3:44
  18. Desert Delirium – 1:56
  19. Apep’s Vengeance – 2:40
  20. Across the Dunes – 2:34
  21. The Last Medjay – 2:14
  22. Chthonic Invasion – 1:44
  23. A Divided Land – 2:17
  24. Ptolemy’s Lament – 2:41
  25. The Hyena’s Fire – 2:51
  26. Moonlight on the Nile – 1:39
  27. Ezio’s Family (Origins Version) – 2:23

I would also like to mention the sounds in the game, for example when you are on you mount and running you can hear the hooves of the animals.  Also the sound of your hawk, and how everything made a sound that was accurate to what was going on.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”30″]Graphics[/su_heading]

The game is set in Egypt and the graphics of the land were incredible.  It was amazing to see all the land structures, pyramids, seas, and more.  The cities were built well and the people walking around in it looked like real people.  I played this on a 4K TV with the PlayStation Pro and you could see every little grain of sand, and there was even a sand trail of you and your mount!  Inside the pyramids looked like you were really inside a pyramid, or at least what you think it would look like.  The fighting was accurate and looked awesome when you were playing.  The animals looked real and even fought like they would in real life.  Overall the graphics were well done and I would recommend you playing it in 4K if you have it available.

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”30″]Final Verdict[/su_heading]

The story was great, the characters were well done, and the graphics were amazing.  I would overall say that this game is definitely worth checking out if you have not already.  If you enjoy great gameplay where you can relax and take your time, or bust through quests like nothing, you will have a lot of fun playing the game.  It will take some time to play through all the side quests plus the story, so be prepared to be playing for a while.  I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the Assassin’s Creed collections or likes a great action and adventure in an open world.  


  • Great story
  • Easy to play
  • Very enjoyable


  • Takes many hours to beat
  • May get repetative


Story - 9
Character Development - 9
Characters - 10
Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 10

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