Friday Flicks: ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ (2000) Movie Review

Friday Flicks: ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ (2000) Movie Review

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a great family film for the holiday season.  This week’s Friday Flick will review the movie and go over the story.  Keep reading to view the review of this film.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

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Ron Howard


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“On the outskirts of Whoville, there lives a green, revenge-seeking Grinch who plans on ruining the Christmas holiday for all of the citizens of the town.”


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Jim Carrey as Grinch

Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who

Jeffrey Tambor as Mayor Augustus Maywho

Christine Baranski as Martha May Whovier


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In a snowflake we see the town of Whoville and everyone walking through the town with presents and singing.

Cindy Lou holds presents and asks her father of it’s a bit much.

The Grinch sees kids on his hill who are searching for him. The kids come to a door on the top of the mountain and one dares the other to touch the door. They go to touch it and a monster head pops out with Max barking in a speaker.

The Grinch asks for his cloak and walks outside. He ponders and decides he needs some social interaction. He goes down to the town in a mask with Max.

Cindy and her father walk the streets and Cindy brings up how everyone is getting combobbled. The kids from the hill yell out the Grinch and everyone stops. The Mayor tells Cindy’s father about the holiday and the father tells him his boys didn’t say anything. The mayor tells everyone there is no Grinch problem.

Cindy asks her father about the Grinch and sees he never received any mail. Down in the mailroom the Grinch fuses and switches the mail around. Cindy’s father asks her to take some mail to the back room. Cindy sees the Grinch’s mask on the floor and then sees the Grinch. They both scream and Cindy falls into the sorting machine. Max bites the Grinch and gets him to help Cindy. He pulls her out and yells at her. She thanks him for saving her and he cringes and wraps her in wrapping paper.

Cindy’s father comes in and try’s to tell him about the Grinch.

Betty Lou, Cindy’s Mother decorates the house with lights trying to outdo Martha. The phone rings and Grinch gives them a prank call.

The Grinch climbs in the dump and travels back to his home.

Cindy Lou sits on her room and sings About finding Christmas and the spirit.

The Grinch gets to his home and checks his heart. He jumps in bed and checks his messages. He then goes to his chair and eats some glass and talks to the walls.

Cindy rings the bell of some ladies house and interviews them on the Grinch. The two ladies explain to Cindy where the Grinch came from and what had happened to him. She goes to other townspeople and found out more about the Grinch.

The Grinch reads names from a phone book and yells out how he hates the whos.

Cindy talks to her father about the hoobleation and how she might do something drastic. Everyone gathers in the street and the Mayor and Martha declare the holiday cheer miser. Cindy yells out that she nominated the Grinch. The Mayor reads a law and Cindy states something from the book as well. The Mayor makes up words from the book saying the Grinch can’t win the cheer miser. Cindy talks to the townspeople and they all cheer for her. The mayor says the Grinch will never come down.

The Grinch wakes up singing the whos songs and covers his ears. He turns on blenders to drown out the sound. Cindy climbs the mountain to the top where the Grinch lives.

Cindy knocks on the Grinch’s door and climbs in the doggy door. She goes to the Grinch and he yells at her for entering his home. She introduces herself and he tries to scare her. She invites him to the holiday cheer miser. She tries to explain why he should come and begs him to accept the award. She tells him he won and he asks about the details. Cindy tells him the Mayor wasn’t happy but Martha will be there. He tells Cindy he will come and walks her to the door.

The Grinch ponders about the hoobleation

The mayor tells everyone it’s time to give away the reward and call out the Grinch’s name. The Mayor starts to say who the runner-up is and then the Grinch comes flying out of the garbage disposal and lands on Martha. The Mayor brings up the women who took care of the Grinch and they put him in Christmas clothes. The people put the Grinch in the chair of cheer and he has to judge the pudding cook off and other activities.

The Mayor gives the Grinch a shaver and all his memories come flooding back. He then gives Martha a ring and asks her to marry him. The Grinch scratches a car and tells everyone it’s all about gifts and what happens to them. The Grinch cuts some of the mayors hair and the town scatters. He starts the Christmas tree on fire and it burns to a crisp. The Grinch rides a tiny car through the streets and then an explosion happens.

The Mayor talks to Cindy’s father and says how disappointed he is in their family. Cindy says she just wanted everyone to be together for Christmas.

The Grinch gets ready to leave and sees that they have a spare tree and are still celebrating.

The Grinch goes back to his mountain and thinks about what the whos will be doing tomorrow for Christmas. He comes to the conclusion that he needs to stop Christmas. He makes a Santa hat and coat and builds a sleigh. The Grinch watches as Santa leaves and he then makes Max into a reindeer.

The Grinch starts up his sleigh and flies down the mountain. He lands on the first house and Cindy’s dad hears a bang. The Grinch slides down the chimney let’s out moths who eat the stockings. He lowers a vacuum hose down and sucks up all the presents and decorations. He goes to the fridge and takes all the food.

The Grinch grabs the Christmas tree and heads to the chimney. Cindy comes down and asks what he is doing with the tree. He tells her a lie that he needs to fix it and bring it back. Cindy goes back upstairs and tells him to not forget the Grinch and that she thinks he is sweet.

He then goes to other homes and takes all the presents and decorations. He heads back up to the hill and waits to hear the whos cry. The whos walk in the streets and the Mayor says it was the Grinch and blames Cindy. Cindy’s father sticks up for her and says he is glad the Grinch took everything. He explains what Christmas is really about.

Cindy goes to the mountain and calls out to the Grinch. The Grinch goes and tries to push the sleigh off the mountain. He hears the whos singing down in the town. The Grinch stands puzzled and then has a change of heart. His heart grows larger and pounds as he gets thrown into the snow.

The sun comes up and the Grinch feels guilty and then sees the sleigh is about to fall off the edge. The Grinch goes to the sleigh and tries to stop it. He sees Cindy on top of the presents and says no one should be alone on Christmas. The Grinch then stops the sleigh and pulls it back up on the hill. He spins it around and they ride the sleigh down the hill.

The townspeople see the Grinch and Cindy coming down the hill. Martha and Betty chain lights across the street to slow them down.

The Grinch yells Merry Christmas and everyone cheers. Cindy’s father goes to the Grinch and he apologizes for what he has done. Martha gives back the Mayors ring and says she is in love with someone else. The Grinch laughs in the Mayor’s face and turns back on the power. Cindy tells him Merry Christmas and gives him a kiss. The whos all join hands and sing around the tree.


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This is a great film for anyone at any age.  The character development of the Grinch is heartwarming and the story is one that most know.  This story inspires us to forget about presents and really think about what time we have with our friends and family.  I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a heartwarming story.


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