Ghost Wars 1×09 “Post-Apocalypse Now” Recap

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Ghost Wars 1×09 “Post-Apocalypse Now” Recap

Ghost Wars 1×09 “Post-Apocalypse Now” Recap

SyFy aired season 1 episode 9 of Ghost Wars titled “Post-Apocalypse Now”.  Keep reading and check out the recap of the episode, plus photos!

“Post-Apocalypse Now”

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“Hope for escape arrives in town. But she brings with her an agenda – and a price.”


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People lay dead on the road from a car crash. A kid on his bike rides down the road of an apocalypse setting. A helicopter fly’s over and a woman asks the boy where his mother is. He tells her she died in the church in the power outage. The woman tells the boy to come by her and that she has extra food for him. She hugs the boy and drains his body and her eyes turn black.

The bartender tells the man that there is no use going after the helicopter. She tells him to go and he says he wants to bring her with him. She opens the door and lets him leave.

Billy talks to Landis and she asks what he remembers. He looks at something behind her and tells her it was a big thing and she says the accelerator and he says he was in it. She asks him to be hypnotized and Billy tells her no. Landis gets a message to look at a camera and she sees a helicopter coming in.

Roman walks in the church and goes to Dan’s door but he isn’t there. Roman walks into the room and Dan walks in asking him if he is looking for anything. Dan and Roman hear a helicopter and Roman goes outside.

Billy and Landis go to where the helicopter landed. They see a man getting crates out and Landis says it’s real. A man and woman eight guns come behind them. Dr. Clark sees Landis and she explains about the earthquake. Billy says they are being overrun with ghosts and Clark says that’s it is only happening here. Landis and Dr. Clark then leave for the facility.

Dan walks to a bus stop and sees a woman who is decomposing. He sits next to her and says a prayer then leaves.

A woman at the morgue hears a knock on the door and Dan is there. He asks the woman if she is alright and she says she is fine. He tells her that a woman is dead and the other woman says she will help him.

At the bar Norm and Val talk about the helicopter and they Val wants to go to it. People walk in and Dr. Nate introduces himself. Norm says they are real and they tell the others they are there to help.

Dan and the woman put the dead woman in a body bag. A man walks up and asks who is dead now and the woman helping Dan leaves.

Billy sleep on the helicopter and he introduces himself to a man waiting with him. Billy stands up and tells the man how it is Hell there and people are dying everyday. Billy hits the guy and takes his gun.

Dr. Nate talks and Roman talks to a woman. Billy walks in with the other man and the others point their guns at them. Billy asks what they are doing. The CEO of Lambda says she is there to solve their ghost problem.

Landis and Clark talk about what they did to the facility and the excel orator. Landis asks him why he was not surprised about Billy talking about ghosts.

Daphne looks at videos of Landis being choked. Landis tells her it’s a ghost and the woman asks what else she has found. Landis suggests to not restart the excel orator. The woman then asks about the man on the video.

Val and her family tell them about the help they’re getting.

Roman open his door and the CEO walks in and brings his something. He tells her he inherited a certain life and asks her what she wants. She tells him to show her what he sees.

Doug talks to the bartender and Norm walks in. She asks if he has seen the other guy and he says no.

Billy talks to Val and tells her to not let the girls near the other people. Landis walks in and says they have a problem. She tells them about the excel orator and that’s what happened to all this starting. Landis says she doesn’t know what will happen if they complete it.

Landis tells a man where to put something and Clark walks in. They walk and Landis tells him about who all dies the day of the earthquake. He tells her to get back to the repairs and she locks him in a room. He experiences what has been going on and throws up. Landis explains the hallucinations and Clark says he is leaving. She explains what happens if they try to leave.

The CEO Daphne talks to Clark and she tells him to do his job. He tells her she can’t cheat death.

Sophia walks out and Dan asks her if she has seen Pablo. She tells him he was there and left. She invites him inside and Dan says he would like that.

Sophia grabs his hand and starts draining his body.

Clark talks to Landis about Daphne and what she has been trying to prove. Landis tells him that the test failed. She says it was her fault and asks what happens if they can repair the damage.

Roman and Daphne go into a house and Roman tells her they will come. An apparition appears and shows Daphne with a syringe next to her mother’s bed as she is in the hospital. Her mother tells her to inject her and Daphne asks why Roman stopped them.

Sophia drives her car with Dan in the back in a body bag.

Daphne shows Roman a piece of a meteor and she tells him history of Port Moore. Roman says she is trying to open a rift and she says she wants to control it. Roman asks why he is there and she tells him to tell her what he sees.

Dan is let out of the bag in a house with a dead woman in a chair. Sophia let’s a sac capture Dan.

Landis drinks and Billy comes in. He grabs the drink and tells her about the people who are supposed to be helping. Landis says she can’t stop them and more people will die and it will be her fault. Billy says they should destroy the excel orator.

Norm goes back to the bar and says he couldn’t find Pablo. Carla wants to know what happened to him and Norm and the men says they will go to Lambda.

Dan asks to be done and the vines wrap around him. He gets some scissors and starts cutting to free his hands and cuts the vines. Dan gets free and lights the curtains to burn the house down.

Roman is handed the piece of meteor and he looks around. He gives it back and says he didn’t see anything.

Landis tells Billy they need to destroy the magnets and Dr. Clark stops them. He brings them to Daphne and Roman. Landis says she can’t let her start the excel orator and Daphne says that’s the risk they take.

Norm and the group of men ask the other about Pablo and all the others who are missing. They say they didn’t disappear until the landed on the ground. Daphne watches from a computer and tells them to stand down. They all see a fire and Doug gets the others to go to where the fire is.

Val arrives at the house that is burned down. And Val talks to Daphne.

Billy and Landis are on his boat and he tells her what he remembered. He tells him about Roman’s eyes light up and how powerful he is.

Dan watches everyone leave the house he burned down.


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Ghost Wars airs Thursdays at 10/9 C on SyFy.

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