Ghost Wars 1×09 “Post-Apocalypse Now” Synopsis

Ghost Wars


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Ghost Wars 1×09 “Post-Apocalypse Now” Synopsis

Ghost Wars 1×09 “Post-Apocalypse Now” Synopsis

SyFy has released the synopsis for episode 9 of season 1 of Ghost Wars.  Keep reading to check out the synopsis of the episode plus a small recap of the last episode.

“Post-Apocalypse Now”

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“Hope for escape arrives in town. But she brings with her an agenda- and a price.”


In the last episode we saw Billy stuck in between the real world and the ghost world.  As he was transported to different locations of the town, one was to see Roman.  We then learned more about Roman’s mother from Billy and what he knew.  Roman then set out to talk to Reverend Dan, who then gave him what he wanted to know about his mother’s death.  Bill overcomes the ghost world and is reunited with his body.

Ghost Wars airs Thursday at 10/9 C on SyFy.

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