‘Destiny 2’ Curse of Osiris DLC Event and Missions

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‘Destiny 2’ Curse of Osiris DLC Event and Missions

‘Destiny 2’ Curse of Osiris DLC Event and Missions

Bungie has revealed the details for the upcoming Destiny 2 DLC titled Curse of Osiris.  Keep reading to view the details including missions, and potential rewards from them.

The latest livestream from Bungie included details on the upcoming expansion, Curse of Osiris.  The development team gave players a hands-on look at Mercury plus unique versions of Adventures that await Guardians in the Infinite Forest. While also offering the game’s largest Public Event in the central hub.

The first of three livestreams events from Bungie included more details on a patrol area for Mercury.  The Infinite Forest, but quests within the area were kept secret but we know what Adventure will entail.  

“Once Guardians complete the campaign missions within the Infinite Forest, Adventure beacons will be unlocked for a new challenge, much like the process Guardians are used to from the rest of Destiny 2‘s planets. However, a new Heroic difficulty for Adventures will be available, creating an incentive for Guardians to perform the solo missions more than once for high-level gear.”

Mechanics of Adventures seemed to be a bit different in the Infinite Forest as seem with “The Up and Up” mission.  The Guardian did shoot enemies down, but the primary task is to climb a series of towers, making platforming the focus over a kill count.

Players were also shown what to expect outside of the Infinite Forest and activities around the Lighthouse social area.  With the main action taking place for Guardians in the forest, Bungie has created the Vex Crossroads.  This is the game’s largest Public Event in the social hub zone to date. The gameplay for Vex Crossroads showed players that they will have to unlock four gates by defeating gatekeepers.  Then they must warp to a different area of the map to take on the gate boss.  

The developers who were playing the gameplay in Vex Crossroads did trigger the Heroic version, but did not reveal how.  This will allow players to discover the trick themselves. When triggering Heroic, you will receive a bonus of two chests.  The chests in the example just dropped tokens and glimmer, but players can also receive Legendary engrams or Exotic gear.

During Bungie’s livestream, players were given more details on unlocking the customized Vex Exotic weapon. Bungie clued to a mysterious wall in the lighthouse that is tied to gaining the Vex gear.  

“Now we know the wall is called The Forge and each of the 11 glowing glyphs can be destroyed by completing new missions from Brother Vance. Vance will act as the vendor and quest guide on Mercury, and once Guardians finish the campaign, the missions, known as Lost Prophecies, will be available to complete. Each mission, with 11 in total, represents one of the nodes on The Forge, and once the required material is found in each mission, a weapon will be awarded to the player. The materials lists, known as verses, will arrive in weekly groups of three from Vance, so Guardians will have a reason to return to Mercury several weeks in a row. The verses system seems similar to Ikora Rey’s meditations, as new lore will be revealed through each verse.”

The third and final steam from Bungie will be held on November 29th.  This will show players new weapons and gear that await Guardians.  More Vex-made gear will will be available to earn in the new DLC.  Recently announce there will be a Leviathan raid Lairwill which will offer a new collection of armor.  

The expansion is set to launch on December 5, 2017.

Destiny 2 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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