Watch: New Co-op Trailer for Far Cry 5 Campaign

At the Paris Games Week showcase Sony showed the viewers a new trailer for co-op in Far Cry 5.  Keep reading to view the trailer and details.

This new trailer of gameplay highlights that the game is being built with co-op options in mind, while showing us what situations you and a friend can find yourself in.

You can fly a plane while your friend rips the ground apart, provides fire, and can sit somewhere higher up to provide coverage while the other player sneak in.

You will be able to play the entire game in co-op after the opening mission, which both players must complete.  After that you can cause mayhem, and rely on each other for ammo and health packs.  Both players will get to keep the XP, loot, and player progression made during the session.

“This does not extend to world progression, which only the host keeps. This includes quests, outposts liberated, and other open-world activities.”

Far Cry 5 is available February 27, 201 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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