Microsoft Discontinues Kinect for Xbox

Microsoft Discontinues Kinect for Xbox

Microsoft will discontinue the Kinect for Xbox, but still offer technical support.  Keep reading to view the details.

“Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman and GM of Xbox devices marketing Matthew Lapsen confirmed for Co.Design that the Kinect has been discontinued.”

Microsoft has stopped producing the Kinect camera for Xbox One.  It stopped production of the Kinect for Windows  in 2015, opting to sell an adapter that would connect to Xbox One and to a PC.

When Kinect launched for Xbox 360 in 2010, Co. Design reports that it sold around 35 million units over its lifetime.

“The initial success of the camera was enough to convince Microsoft to bundle an updated version of it with every Xbox One, going so far as to build its user interface around the Kinect’s voice command features.”

After Xbox One was outsold by PlayStation 4 at launch, Microsoft pulled the Kinect out of the bundle and sold it separately.  This allowed Microsoft to match the price point of its main competitor, but eliminated Xbox One developers assurance that every player would have a Kinect.

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