WWE No Mercy 2017: What starts well…



WWE No Mercy 2017: What starts well…

WWE No Mercy 2017: What starts well…

Last week was the most recent RAW-exclusive PPV, No Mercy, and the hype of this one created different expectations on the fans: many of them didn’t expect a lot of it, according to what we just recently saw at SmackDown’s Battleground and SummerSlam, and the rest were waiting for a classic match between the big dog and John Cena, and a savage fight for the Universal championship between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman.

So, what did we get? Another disappointment? A historical night of wrestling?

Pre-Show: Elias vs. Apollo Crews accompanied by Titus O’Neil

Classic pre-show match: Someone vs. the other one. Right now, Elias has been appearing on T.V. night after night, having encounters with random opponents, we haven’t seen any important feud yet but everything looks like Vince is giving him exposure, let’s see if this can give us a new Honky Tonk Man or instead another KISS Demon.

On the other hand, Apollo hadn’t done anything since he was called from NXT, so, maybe the “Titus Brand” stuff might mean something for all those who have been forgotten by the bookers!

But between these two, who has more chances to get something in the red brand? Here’s a clue: Elias won.

Jason Jordan vs. The Miz (accompanied by The Miztourage and Maryse) for the Intercontinental Championship

Honestly, is there anyone in the world actually enjoying the “angle” between Jason Jordan and his “father” Kurt Angle? If the answer is “yes” well, that person wasn’t in the Staples Center.

The thing is, Jason Angle Jordan is an astonishing wrestler and a pure athlete, perhaps the best athlete right now in WWE, but the whole situation of him and the Miz actually looks like he is getting a push “because of daddy”, and the people is starting to turn their backs and boo him, and that’s just unfair (but can be a great opportunity to build a new heel! Just as his dad was!).

And during the match was obvious that people in the arena were with The Miz even when he’s supposed to be the most despicable champion right now (sorry, Jinder…), and that’s of course because, let’s be honest, The Miz and the white title are made for each other.

But letting apart the creative stuff, the match was pretty decent, especially when Jordan took the reins (he’s the real suplex city Mayor!). Sadly the match was a little shorter than it should’ve been (like 10 minutes).

But in the end the winner was the right person (for the moment), with some help from his Miztourage, The Miz held his intercontinental champion.

Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Bálor

Okay, first things first… Finn Bálor, the former Prince Devitt is a phenomenal performer, there’s no doubt about it, and Bray Wyatt, the former Husky Harris (dear God) is capable of creating incredible moments (in-ring and with his showmanship out of it).

But please, can we move on with this feud?

The match at No Mercy was actually a great match, much better than SummerSlam’s, and since Finn has won both of them (as Demon and as… Himself) this was a great way to end the feud, and (according to some rumors) move one to the Universal Title scene at Survivor Series. However, as we saw in Monday Night RAW, the chants of creepy little girls announced that this battle of supernatural wrestlers will continue…

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (The Bar) for the Raw Tag Team Championship

What happens when you take the 66.6% of the S.H.I.E.L.D. (the good 66.6%), a Swiss superhuman who has been champion at Ring of Honor, PWG, and almost everywhere, and, well, Sheamus (okay, I actually like Sheamus, but keep it quiet, please)?

Simple, the best match of the night and may be a Match of The Year candidate.

The second longest fight of the night, but the best one, no doubt about it. It was brutal, fast and enjoyable from beginning to end, and nothing stopped the action, not even the slingshot that cost Cesaro half of his front teeth (Mick must be proud to have formed that team!).

After 15+ minutes of brutal action, the champions won after a finishers sequence on Sheamus to retain the titles.

It is amazing the fact that even with Jeff Hardy out of action for a LOT of injuries, the RAW tag team division looks so strong (poor, poor SmackDown, we miss you).

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley vs. Emma vs. Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks in Fatal 5-way for the Raw Women’s Championship

Where to begin with…

Am I the only one who actually misses a good old school classic one-on-one match for a female title? I’m feeling like we have seen billions of Fatal “N”-way matches. And in this case especially because we didn’t need the inclusion of Emma and especially Bayley!

The whole #giveemmaachance is a good way to give her “a chance” to recover after the catastrophic “Emmalina” failure. And Bayley, of poor Bayley… The only reason she was included in this match was perhaps because it was her hometown, sort of… I don’t know, it was hasty, the fans did not even have time to care about it, and she even took the lost against Alexa Bliss, who held her title, by the way.

The actual reason of these girls’ inclusion was obviously to protect Alexa Bliss of being murdered by Nia Jax, at least until TLC season, when we will see the arrival of “The Future”, Asuka, striking like a hurricane on RAW.

Roman Reigns vs. John Cena

And talking of hype!

The most “important” match of the night, the one that saturated the advertising, the Once in a Lifetime (until the next one)…! The son from West Newbury, Massachusetts, 16 times WWE champion, John Cena! Versus the Big Dog, the yard’s owner, the guy who retired The Undertaker at Wrestlemania (kinda), Roman Reings!

And, it was okay I guess…

Before we start to throw crap to these two, both are great performers (in their particular ways…). Both have given awesome matches against AJ Styles, for example, and both sell more merchandising than the whole TNA/GFW roster, but let’s be clear, their last match was boring as hell.

After weeks of amazing promos (Cena’s promos) and knowing that Cena is leaving to film Transformers 8: The revenge of Michael Bay or something, maybe the fans were waiting for more in-ring action and of course, the Dr. of Thuganomics passing the torch to the Big Dawg.

And, at least Reigns won…

After receiving all the Attitude Adjustments of the world, Roman won after hitting the spear once… On John Cena… I know, right?

Enzo Amore vs. Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship

-So, how do we make them to stop complaining about Jinder’s reign as WWE Champion?
-Hold my beer…

So, Enzo Amore defeated The King of Cruiserweights Neville, and now he’s the face of the 205-pound division… I’ll be right back.

(after 15 minutes of crying in the shower)

This is a controversial but effective way to give importance to the cruiserweight division. First of all, Enzo did a heel turn after kicking Neville in the family jewels to get the title, and right now the division doesn’t have any important heel figure aside from Neville. And as we saw on RAW, the whole division HATES Enzo, to the point that Neville sacrificed his rematch opportunity just to kick the shit out of him, followed by his colleagues (and even Braun Strowman joined the kicking-Enzo’s-ass party just because his Braun Strowman).

If the situation of Neville not being able to get the title back is real, this could be the chance to return him to the big leagues after dominating the lightweight division, and as despicable as Enzo can be, his reign might be what an almost-dead division needs.

Brock Lesnar accompanied by Paul Heyman vs. Braun Strowman for the WWE Universal Championship

Main event time, the best booked superstar of RAW and maybe all WWE roster, the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, vs the Beast himself, Brock Lesnar!

At SummerSlam we saw an impressive and violent match between these two, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe, but we were waiting for this, one on one between the biggest monsters on the planet!

And, it was fine! But that’s it… The fans wanted buildings falling apart, explosions, a leg amputated, etc. But the result was bittersweet, when after just one F5 Brock was able to retain his cherry belt and defeat the almost unbeatable grizzly bear called Braun Strowman.

So, as usual, say good bye to the Universal Championship for a couple of months…

By the end of the night, No Mercy was a good B-class PPV, that started pretty decent, with funny matches and great wrestling exhibition, but it fell apart as time passed. We stay expecting if Hell in a Cell can deliver better.

Esteban is a life-long wrestling fan as well as an all round geek who is eager to share his opinion about current wrestling events and different geek topics from time to time.

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