Monster Hunters Have Joined Marvel vs CAPCOM: Infinite, and It’s Beautiful

Marvel vs CAPCOM: Infinite has been one of the most anticipated games of the year, and at the Tokyo Game Show some gameplay featuring Monster Hunter characters has risen, giving a whole new meaning to the game.

Based on the gameplay video above, you can see the amazing Monster Hunter fighter who simply goes by the name “Monster Hunter” in the game joined in by 2017 Character Pass. The character is female, and has an arsenal of weapons at her disposal. Featuring bow, dual blades, and a great sword to be specific.

Her power-up features Tartarus Stampede and Demolisher Demon Dance hyper combos, which give the fighting character an advantage on mobility and using the dual blades.

One major feature to the Monster Hunter character is the ability to hit enemies from afar with the bow, and then get up in there and smack them around with her blades.

When purchasing the 2017 Character Pass, not only will you unlock Monster Hunter, but also Winter Soldier, Sigma, Black Panther, Venom, and Black Widow.

Just which one will become your favorite?

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