The Fan-Made Overwatch Character Tara is Impressive


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The Fan-Made Overwatch Character Tara is Impressive

The Fan-Made Overwatch Character Tara is Impressive

Fans of Overwatch have been designing and creating their own characters and fanart since the game launched, but the forum user Purrfait who is also a concept art student created an impeccable character with design and implementation ideas, and now everyone is impressed – including Jeff Kaplan!

Purrfait listed out a full comprehensive hero layout on a Google Doc presentation, detailing all you need to know about the Support character they designed, Tara.

This well designed character is named Tara meaning “water” in Thai, and has a inclusive layout of skin pallets, skin alternatives, and even two Halloween options.

Featured in this presentation is also some of Tara’s abilities as a Support hero, including:

  • Bubble – “Firing an energy from a gun that will block an enemy in a bubble for 2 seconds, a character can control which way the bubble will go, but cannot move the character self while doing this.”
  • Healing Drone – “Bringing out a small drone that automatically heals allies in 1.5 meters of radius, two drones can be set at the same time.”

On the forums post, Purrfait listed that they did the work using Photoshop and SketchUp for 3D model.

If it wasn’t cool enough getting praise from the Overwatch community, even the Game Director Jeff Kaplan gave Purrfait the thumbs up.

Should you have the chance, take a look at the presentation here and tell us what you think about Tara. Wouldn’t she make a great Support character?

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