Four Years and GTA V is still Great

Four Years and GTA V is still Great

How is it that after four years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the game is still used widely throughout the globe? Graphics, content, online, and more! 

Back in 1997 the first Grand Theft Auto game was made, in two dimensions, and could be played on the Game Boy Color. Four years ago GTA V came out introducing three characters you could switch off from creating bigger crimes than we have ever seen before. One of these characters Trevor, the fan favorite, goes around in drunk rampages, can be found outside strip clubs in his underwear, and is one of many reasons for this games amazing success. The series has always had a story-line, who could forget Niko and his bowling loving cousin? But this game not only introduced three characters to switch off from, they made a complex story of bank robbers each with very different backgrounds that changed the game for GTA fans. They were introduced to an HD, 3D world bigger than what we could have ever imagined back when the first Grand Theft Auto came out.

 The game managed to clear $800 million in revenue within its first 24 hours, and $1 billion in the following week.

GTA has continued on to sell over 80 million units to PC, Xbox 360 and One, PlayStation 3 and 4 making it one of the, if not thee, best-selling games in the world. The GTA franchise itself is a top contender only out-stepped by other major franchises such as Mario, Pokemon, and Tetris.

A major factor to GTA’s success was the first person option that came years after the game’s initial release. Every gamer and their mother already had their hands on GTA while it was out for Xbox 360 and PS3, and when the PS4 and Xbox One came out along with loads of other new games Rockstar knew it had to set up with GTA 6 nowhere near ready for production. They completely redid the game to give you the first person ability allowing you to play the same old game under new lights. At first, it was realistic, too realistic. If parents were concerned about GTA being too graphic before, forget it, now you could actually feel like you were sucker punching hookers off their corners, and the new driving style of this first person mode had users second-guessing themselves while behind the wheel in the real world. It felt that realistic for those first-time users and was good enough of a reason for fans to buy the same game all over again.

Another reason to re-buy GTA V is the online mode. With one simple purchase, you obtain the full Grand Theft Auto V champagne mode riddled with never ending mini games and side missions, not to mention an entire world at your disposal allowing you to run away from cops for hours of fun. Then you get online mode and downloadable content. Online mode never ends, play with your friends or strangers in battles, missions, or races, participate in the Online events such as Smugglers Run or Battlegrounds. In Battlegrounds it’s really like your playing a new game, you start off with nothing and go around trying to find military vehicles, armored cars, basically anything that drives and has a machine gun attached, then you just go around slaughtering players Mad Max style.

If that’s not enough I’m guessing you’re into something a little more extreme, something as illegal as your actions in this game are.

[su_heading size=”45″]MODS[/su_heading]

The internet is filled with GTA mods, some funny, some cool, some I don’t understand why people would do that besides the fact that they can. You can be whoever you want, ride whatever you’d like, and do basically whatever you’d like if your a really good at making mods. Most will do it for fun, but like any game there are those who will cheat to get ahead. With mods, you can make it so enemy players will explode spontaneously, or magically make a MacTruck appear over their heads. But most of the time these mods just give us fantastic videos to watch online.

The game has gotten so big that sometimes it gets more attention then needed. Besides being a hit for YouTube videos there are some instances where mod users have gotten in trouble. Remember back when Samsung had those phones that could heat up and catch fire while charging. Plenty of people made jokes about it, memes were made, but Samsung got really angry when one gamer made a mod turning C4 into smartphones.

The media attention controversial or not has never made real damage to the Grand Theft Auto Franchise so we can keep playing without worry and sit at the edge of our seats awaiting the arrival of GTA VI. I’m not saying that will be anytime soon, with Red Dead Redemption coming this spring Rockstar has their hands filled at the moment. And with rumors of the map possibly containing the entirety of the USA, I doubt it will reach us until 2020. So in the meantime enjoy GTA V and all that it offers and allows.

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