Overwatch Getting New Map, Two New Modes


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Overwatch Getting New Map, Two New Modes

Overwatch Getting New Map, Two New Modes

If last month’s Doomfist update and this month’s Summer Games aren’t enough for you, Overwatch will be getting two new game modes and a new map sometime soon.

Overwatch has gotten a lot of content updates over the past year, but none of them have included a straight deathmatch mode. But during yesterday’s developer update, featured below, Blizzard announced that will no longer be the case. In the near future, Overwatch‘s arcade will be getting two new modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

As IGN reports, Deathmatch, or Free-For-All, will pit 8 players against each other in a bid to see which individual can be the first to rack up 20 eliminations. Forbes reports that while the top player is considered the winner, the four players with the most kills will all get a point toward their weekly loot boxes. Forbes also adds that players will lose points for killing themselves by falling off the map, shooting themselves, and so on.

In Team Deathmatch, two teams of six will rush to get 30 kills first. In the mode, IGN reports that Mercy’s resurrections will subtract kills from the other team’s total based on how many players she revives.

Finally, the game will be getting a new map: Château Guillard. The manor has been owned by Widowmaker’s family for generations and is located near Annecy, France. Both new game modes and the new map are currently in the PTR, with Forbes noting that the map features “a maze of corridors, staircases and open areas,” cramped basements, steep drop-offs and jump pads.

It is unclear exactly when the update will make its way into the main game. But seeing as Overwatch generally has a major update each month (and that items on the PTR carry over to the main game within a few weeks), be on the lookout for the content next month.

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