Update on the Broken Hardy Brand, Possible Push for Jeff Hardy



Update on the Broken Hardy Brand, Possible Push for Jeff Hardy

Update on the Broken Hardy Brand, Possible Push for Jeff Hardy

Ever since Wrestlemania 33’s mighty return of The Hardy Boyz to the WWE, fans have been wondering if we will ever get to see the BROKEN Hardy gimmick being used, and the WWE is certainly working on that.

If you’ve been following the Hardy brothers for a while, you know about what’s going on with the BROKEN gimmick; if not, no worries, because it is rather simple. The Hardy Boyz got revitalized through a gimmick called the BROKEN Hardys which Matt designed during their time in TNA Impact Wrestling. What happens is that Anthem, the mother company of Impact is disputing the rights for this gimmick, stopping the Hardys to use it outside TNA. Of course, when WWE brought the brothers back, they were already interested in bringing that gimmick with them, but given the legal dispute it was needed to bring them with their classic Team Extreme gimmick that was so successful about a decade ago.

According to a report from Dave Meltzer on his Wrestling Observer Radio show, WWE is working towards a deal with Anthem in order to be able to bring this gimmick to the show.

The plan is to do the BROKEN character, and they’re doing this right now. The delay is that they’ve gotta work out the deal, and the deal is not worked out.

This is something we are all looking forward to happening, since the BROKEN gimmick will bring a lot of possibilities to the creative table, because let’s be honest here, it is completely nuts and that’s what makes this gimmick so interesting and entertaining.

As for Jeff’s future, it is being reported that Vince McMahon is really interested in pushing his character in the solo landscape, going as far as putting him in matches against superstars of the caliber of Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and even the current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Would you like to see the BROKEN Hardys gimmick being used in WWE? And what about a possible Universal Championship road for Jeff Hardy in the process? Should Matt have his own solo adventure too?

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