Nintendo Could Release a SNES Mini?

Nintendo Could Release a SNES Mini?

Nintendo has just released and discontinued their NES Mini Classic console, and they’re already reportedly planning to launch a new SNES Mini console for the holiday season in 2017. It’s great they’re bringing the older games out of the closet, but will this one get discontinued as well?

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo has been planning on making a SNES Mini console to have ready for the Christmas/Holiday season in 2017. This is partly why Nintendo has discontinued their NES Mini Console which was a big hit for the holidays in 2016. Since they didn’t plan on it being a permanent product, they’re trying to cover more ground with the SNES that fans would still collect for memorabilia purposes.

Right now this is all based on Eurogamer’s sources, and none of it has been confirmed with a statement from Nintendo. We’ll keep you informed as Nintendo says their official word on it.

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