Bandai Namco teases Code Vein, Action RPG

Bandai Namco is still riding the Souls train, but this time the God Eater team is taking a swing at it and creating Code Vein.

Thanks to Gematsu, a brilliant place to go for translated articles, we have an idea as to what Bandai has in store for us.

Code Vein is an action RPG in which players step into the shoes of a vampire called a Revenant. These Revanants are a new form of humanity, and seen as a transcendence rather than a downfall. A starved vampire becomes a Lost, similar to the husks known as Hollows in Dark Souls.

So far the only gameplay information we have is an exploration-heavy dungeon crawler, in which players can pair up with a Buddy to overcome challenges together. It sounds like we’ll have a dark and seamless world to traverse, but we have no idea what combat is like yet.

Code Vein is being developed on Unreal Engine 4, so what we see in the teaser trailer quite possibly looks nothing like the game itself. We’ll have to wait until May for a gameplay trailer.

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