Family Fun Game Monopoly Heading to the Nintendo Switch

Family Fun Game Monopoly Heading to the Nintendo Switch

The family fun game Monopoly will be heading to the Nintendo Switch this Fall, where you can break friendships and betray your family in the real-estate focused game.

Six players will be able to join in the fun on Monopoly on the Nintendo Switch, where playing can be on the go or at home on the TV. The versatile design of the Nintendo Switch brings this classic board game onto the next level.

Utilizing the Nintendo Switch’s online play, users can play online against their friends. In addition, the Nintendo Switch and Monopoly will be compatible with the HD rumble; so you can feel the dice being rolled through the controllers.

Like with most games, you can get rewards through playing which will unlock further content.

Do you think Monopoly will run well on the Switch? Would you prefer it over the classic board game?

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