Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Synopsis

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Synopsis

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Synopsis

With the martial arts tournament that involves the best fighters of every universe coming, we need to keep getting ready for what’s to come in that Royal Rumble sort of tournament that we will see throughout the current Dragon Ball Super saga, and during episode 84, Goku will keep working on the recruitment process for his team.

Dragon Ball Super episode 84 has been titled “Son Goku the Talent Scout: Inviting Kuririn and No. 18” which is a rather appropriate title for this episode based on what we get to know with the synopsis below.

As the “Tournament of Power” which they can’t afford to lose approaches, Vegeta and Bulma have had their second child. With now one more thing to protect, Goku puts even more effort into selecting the members to compete. In the midst of this, Goku goes to Kuririn and Android No. 18’s home.

Kuririn’s comeback as a martial artist?! This couple is Goku’s next scout pick!
How powerful is Goku’s best friend Kuririn these days…?!

Goku and the gang gather teammates to enter the Tournament of Power. The next two picks are Goku’s best friend Kuririn and his wife No. 18! Goku’s unexpected offer comes as a surprise to Kuririn, who’s already retired from the martial arts, but his reply is…?!

Gohan This Week: undertaking a test of strength! In order to gauge Kuririn’s true power, Gohan challenges him to a fight! How does this test of strength turn out? And what does Goku think after watching their battle?!

Guess there’s no way in which the happy couple would turn down the option to save the universe they and their daughter live in, so what we will need to know is how does Goku convince them of coming back from their retirement as fighters. He is resourceful, so I bet it will be through something creative, or at least I wish for it.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Saturdays.

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