Matrix Reboot Could be Coming From Warner Bros.

Matrix Reboot Could be Coming From Warner Bros.

Sources have told that Warner Bros. is in the process of creating a re-boot for the popular Sci-Fi series The Matrix. Few details are known except the potential script writer and star.

The Hollywood Reporter has said that Warner Bros. is trying to pick up a re-boot of The Matrix, and is leaning towards Zack Penn to write the script. Penn is known for his skills on Ready Player One and X-Men: The Last Stand.

In terms of who would star in the film, they are also said to be looking at Michael B. Jordan, known for his roles on Creed and the Fantastic Four.

The original The Matrix premiered in 1999, then The Matrix: The Matrix Reloaded in 2003, ending with The Matrix Revolutions also in 2003, six months after the sequel.

We’ll keep you informed as details are revealed for the possible re-boot of The Matrix series.

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