Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweets as the Joker

Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweets as the Joker

Famous actor Mark Hamill unleashed his inner Joker to hilariously read President-Elect Donald Trump tweets just a few days ago. While it’s hilarious to listen to – they also sound like something the real Joker would say.

When writer Matt Oswalt tweeted out that a Donald Trump tweet sounded like something the Joker would say, I can bet he never anticipated on getting one of the animated-series voice actor Jokers, Mark Hamill, to read out the tweet.

As luck would have it in our social media world, Mark Hamill found the post and shared his own tweet of Donald Trump’s words, in the Jokers voice.

The tweet in question by Donald Trump is a “happy” New Year to everyone, including his enemies.

We have to say, it’s one of the most fitting impressions of Trump we ever did see.

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