Marvel vs DC: Two Comic Book-Based Online Slots You’re Sure to Love

Marvel vs DC: Two Comic Book-Based Online Slots You’re Sure to Love

Over the past decade, both comic books and casino slots have become incredibly popular. The amount of overlap between these two comes as no surprise either: the industries have decided to come together to create some of the most entertaining, superhero-based slots of all time. Today, we thought we’d take a look at two of the best comic book slots the internet has to offer, and where you can play them. All is fair in love and slots, so we’ve included one Marvel-based slot and one inspired by DC Comics.

Hulk Marvel Jackpot Multi-Progressive Video Slot


Considering the vast array of characters depicted in the Marvel universe, it seems somewhat odd that Hulk had such a tricky time transitioning from comics and cartoons to the big screen. Still, after Joss Whedon’s The Avengers (2012), there’s no denying that our favourite green behemoth has officially smashed his way through any previous movie flops to become a hero in his own right. He’s even managed to inspire his very own video slot, and it’s a pretty great one at that.

Created by Playtech, the Hulk Video Slot is a 5 reel, 25 payline giant linked to a total of four other Marvel Mystery Jackpot prize pools. As well as a Smash Bonus, which allows players to win instant prizes, there are two other bonus features where you could win free spins or cash faster than you can say “so the Black Widow can control Hulk now, I guess”.  In addition to these fun bonus features, you can also customise how the game is played by adjusting active paylines and the amount you would like to bet per spin.

Due to its popularity, Hulk is available at a variety of online casinos including bgo, where you will also find a number of other casino games as well as bingo rooms as part of the vast bgo site games collection. bgo also offer new players a 200% welcome bonus and 200 free spins when they sign up, so you can play Hulk as heavy handed as you please.

The Dark Knight Progressive Slot

Now over to a slot based on one of the most well loved comic book-based movies of all time: The Dark Knight (2008). There’s no surprise that this legendary film – which remains the sixth highest grossing movie in US history – has received its own casino game, but the fact that the slot is equally as entertaining as the movie is Enchantress-level magic.

This 5 reel Microgaming slot offers has 243 ways to win. The Cinematic Spins from The Dark Knight movie are sure to keep you entertained throughout. Batman and The Joker also make appearances randomly to award the player with cash prizes, wild symbols and wild reels. The symbol you want to keep an eye out for is the Joker scatter symbol, as if you get more than two of these in the reels you will trigger the free spins feature. Wagers range from 30p per spin to £6, which doesn’t seem like much at all considering the top payout consists of 4 million coins.

Like Hulk, The Dark Knight Progressive Slot is available on numerous casinos so you can pick and choose which one you join depending on their welcome bonuses. Casino Room is currently offering new players 180 free spins, whilst Video Slots will credit 11 no deposit free spins into your account just for registering.


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