Witcher Mini Games – Interrupting Gameplay to Have a Rest from Massacre

Witcher Mini Games – Interrupting Gameplay to Have a Rest from Massacre

Witcher is an RPG game renown throughout the world. However, the RPG part is not the only reason we love it – there is also drama, story and mini games.

Witcher Mini Games review

Witcher Trilogy is a legendary series. It is a matter of fact that this game will be played over and over again. The reason it became popular is the fact it is grounded on Sapkowski’s world – early Medieval age in a fantasy world where monsters and sorcerers are real.

However, battling with monsters and passing quests is not everything you can say about Witcher series. There are also challenging mini games which took hours to play. Some of them are essential to add some oreons which Geralt needs to buy items and some of them were just fun.

The list of mini games is below:

  • Fistfighting
  • Dice Poker
  • Drinking contests
  • Romance cards
  • Armwrestling


Fistfighting is a good way to earn some orens as all you have to do is to knock down drunk fighters in tavern. You also can make wages on your fight to maximize your income. However, you cannot make wages on fights you do not take part in. The more successful fights – the higher is your reputation and the hire is bounty for a victory.


Dice Poker

This mini game you enter only in case you like poker or want to earn some gold. It is the most popular card play in Temeria and you can play after you find a beginner’s pack of Dice Poker player.You can win or lose – it is rather addictive and hard challenge to play. However, if you manage to understand rules it becomes the fastest way to earn oreons. Or lose all of them. To play a relevant poker online you can follow this link online casino no download.

Drinking Contests

It is fun and worth to participate challenge in tavern. Your chances to win depends on your stamina. The higher it is the more alcohol Geralt can win. However, there is always some goal you have to reach on this contest and there are only a few opportunities to take part in such a contest.


Romance Cards

Those are the cards you collect when Geralt spends a night with woman. Collecting these cards will allow you to access additional video content. They are also called sexcards.


It is one more way to spend a time in tavern with benefit. To start this mini game find an opponent – it usually can be a person just sitting alone. Start the dialogue, choose the bid and armwrestling challenge will start.

Beware of dwarfs – they are the most dangerous opponents in armwrestling.

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