Doctor Strange Marvel Collector Corp Unboxing

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Doctor Strange Marvel Collector Corp Unboxing

Doctor Strange Marvel Collector Corp Unboxing

Marvel Collector Corps have been releasing exclusive boxes with Funko Pop! figures and other goodies every other month. For this month of October, Marvel has released the special Doctor Strange box in honor of the movie’s premiere next month.

Within the Marvel Collector Corp Doctor Strange box, Marvel has proceeded to include a patch and pin for Doctor Strange, along with the normal comic book and t-shirt. Collector Corp has done a good job in varying some items included in the boxes, which stands true for this October 2016 box.

The Doctor Strange box includes an exclusive Pop! House-ware item, which is a Doctor Strange mug. In addition, the Funko Pop! Figure within the box is extremely fitting for Doctor Strange, as he’s in his meditation stance.

After going through this Doctor Strange Collector Corp box, I just can’t wait for the Doctor Strange movie to hit theaters on November 4th.

The next Collector Corp box is X-Men themed, you can purchase your own Marvel Collector Corp box through their official website.

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