Online Store Review: Gamer Heaven (New Administration: AIrwave Apparel Ltd)

Online Store Review: Gamer Heaven (New Administration: AIrwave Apparel Ltd)

If you’ve been around enough to have read my first review for Gamer Heaven which was published back in 2014, you already know that I simply stated facts about how awful their customer service was, and how I thought that company was a mere scam. Well, some months ago, AIrwave Apparel Ltd bought Gamer Heaven from former owners Crazy4ltd, and I got contacted by the new administrators asking me to give the store a new chance now that they had taken over. Below you can find my experience with the story under AIrwave Apparel Ltd. (I’m not misspelling the first word, though, just using the name as it is shown in the emails I got).

Alright, first of all, AIrwave Apparel Ltd. contacted me on February 15, 2016. It has been a while, I know this, but I believe being transparent about everything I am going to say is really important. I would’ve loved to be faster making this review, but as I told them in my response, I had to get some stuff sorted out (and by “stuff” I meant that I was going through some really bad times when it comes to money, so I needed to improve my finances before doing pretty much any purchase). It took a while, but I gave my word about giving the store another try, and I have done it now.

Of course, I would not do the purchase right away (even if I had the money to), or use an email address that would give myself away. That would made things way too easy for AIrwave Apparel Ltd. and they would’ve prioritized my order, since they were seeking for me to improve my review on the store. My idea all this time was to either get someone else to make the purchase, or use another email address I have, and that’s exactly what I did. So, I placed and order with a different email address on August 23, and started waiting. I got a confirmation email about my order being placed, and it stood the exact same way for a while…

Alright, my order was confirmed. It comes from London as far as I know, it should take about 7 days to get to the US –and then about 5 more days to get to me. On any case, my timer for this review stops when it gets to the US, to set some basic standard.

After waiting for over a week, and seeing how my order was still only “confirmed” so I decided to send them an email on September 9, asking about the status of my order, to which they -quite rapidly- replied to, letting me know that my order would be shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Caroline (the person who replied to me) wasn’t too wrong as my order shipped on September 13.


From that moment on, it was just a matter of it getting to the US. I paid a bit extra to get the shipping number from Royal Mail, so I could easily track my package, which was actually something I really wanted as you could see in one of the images above, it is a licensed Batman: Arkham Knight jacket.

Now, thanks to the tracking number, I have all the dates, and you can see below that the item was indeed shipped on September 13, and it arrived to the USPS facility in New York, on September 17. This means, if they had shipped the item when they should have done so, the item would’ve arrived on August 30.


Oh, in case you were wondering, the item itself is awesome, and now I wear it every single day, here are some photos of it:

I really love it, but keep in mind, this is a XXL one, and feels like an L or top XL size, for me, it will never be worn as it should be: zipped-up because well….my six-pack hidden behind a bunch of fat will not allow it, but on any case I never do that with any of my jackets, I just wear them to protect my arms and back anyways.

Now, there are a few comparisons I want to do, and I have to say, AIrwave Apparel Ltd. has improved Gamer Heaven quite a lot; but it obviously has some room for improvement.


  • Really efficient customer service, they replied back to me within 2 hours (keep in mind this was on Friday, in the early morning for London, though)
  • They only show in the store what they have in stock. Nothing that they don’t currently have is advertised, and this is something really good for a store even though it may make it seem like they really don’t have anything (on a few categories, there’s only 1 item at a time).
  • Good quality. If I am led by my jacket, I can certify that the merchandise they are selling is of really good quality.


  • They are still slow on shipping items. I can’t understand why they shipped my jacket on September 13 if I ordered it on August 23, it makes absolutely no sense that I had to contact their support in order to get them to ship my item, they should ship it within 24 hours if they actually have them in stock, there’s no excuse for such a delay.

All in all, in this “Round 2” of Gamers Sphere vs Gamer Heaven, I can tell you that these guys highly improved from that time back in 2014 when I ordered something from the store to how everything works now. I would completely take back what I said in my previous review, and tell you that, if you find something you like in the store, give them a shot, and you can always let me know about your results through Twitter by mentioning either @GamersSphere or @JohnHeatz and I’ll keep that in mind and may even feature your comment in this review.

You can find Gamer Heaven on Facebook, too.

John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.

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