Red Dead Redemption Returns to Xbox One, Is a Sequel Next?

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Red Dead Redemption Returns to Xbox One, Is a Sequel Next?

Red Dead Redemption Returns to Xbox One, Is a Sequel Next?

The rumor mill is buzzing and fans are chomping at the bit for the possibility of a sequel to the beloved open-world Western game, Red Dead Redemption. It’s hard to believe that it’s been six long years since gamers first saddled up with John Marston and frankly, we’ve been waiting to get back on the dusty trail ever since. Thankfully, things are coming together and it looks like it won’t be long before we’re in the Wild West once more.

Rockstar made headlines earlier this summer with the announcement that Red Dead Redemption would be backwards compatible with the Xbox One, much to the delight of fans everywhere. One of the best pieces of news with this backwards compatibility is that most of the multiplayer DLC for the game is free, which provides fans with the Legends and Killers, Liars and Cheats, and Myths and Mavericks packs to help to further expand the already massive world.

One of the things that made the game so popular, not unlike the Grand Theft Auto series, was the level of depth and realism the developers achieved. Through the incorporation of plenty of side-quests and mini-games to occupy players throughout the open-world environment without having to barrel straight through the (admittedly awesome) story, Rockstar created a living, breathing atmosphere where players could play, work, drink and more. Liar’s Dice, Poker and Blackjack were all popular ways to goof off while you were already goofing off. And they may be a far cry from the arcade games ported in GTA, but they’re still good enough to distract players for hours. Unfortunately, the card games don’t include the online capabilities that some gamers were looking for, though there are more dynamic and interactive options out there. Blackjack in particular has evolved online to the point where you can play alongside live dealers, which allows users to interact with actual human dealers in real-time. It all makes for a new and exciting take on the timeless card classic. Either way it’s much better than having the AI dealer in Red Dead hustle, because the “Elegant Suit” doesn’t help with blackjack.

All this attention heaped on the Wild West simulator has renewed speculation that Rockstar could very well have a long-awaited sequel in the works, too. Some are expecting the developer to finally reveal the anticipated sequel at Gamescom in August, though everything is still pure rumor at this point. There’s definitely enough fan interest in the series to warrant a sequel. Following the backwards compatibility announcement, there was a serious sales spike for the Xbox 360 title and we’re sure there have been a fair amount of digital sales on Xbox One as well.

Fans are clearly clamoring to head West once again, and if Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are smart they’ll be quick to give the people what they want. Bringing fans back to the world of Red Dead Redemption seems like a harbinger of things to come and we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed for some good news come August.

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