The Best Slot Machines Inspired by Successful Movies and TV Shows

The Best Slot Machines Inspired by Successful Movies and TV Shows

Movies and gaming go hand in hand. It’s either games inspiring movie franchises or vice versa, movies being adapted in a most interactive fashion to the small computer screens. So far, none of these attempts to go beyond their world were successful for movies, or video games (with a few notable exceptions, like the Resident Evil series, or the “light cycle” games inspired by the cyberpunk classic Tron). With one notable exception: slot machines. Because almost all All Slots online casino video slots that were inspired by Hollywood blockbusters were an instant success. Today I’m going to show you the three best examples of slot machines inspired by movies (and TV show) that have become fan favorites.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The second movie in the Terminator franchise is generally considered the most successful one of them all. And not only financially: most fans agree that neither of its sequels was on par with its entertainment value. No wonder it was the one to be chosen as an inspiration for a new online video slot machine.

The Terminator 2: Judgement Day slot machine was released two years ago, under a licensing agreement between its developer and Studiocanal. And it was an instant fan favorite thanks to its elaborate graphics, its soundtrack borrowed from the movie, as well as the cut scenes it rewards its players with. Not to mention its generous features that can put money in the players’ pockets.

Jurassic Park

Another blockbuster from the 1990s adapted to the smallest screens (it works great on mobile devices), the Jurassic Park slot machine was very well received by its audience. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the movie – based on Michael Crichton’s bestseller – was a memorable one. The game, just like the movie, has the dinosaurs in its main roles, the human actors are only secondary characters.

The Jurassic Park slot machine has a distinct atmosphere, similar to that of the movie, and amazing visuals, on par with today’s expectations. Like the one above, this game also rewards its players with cut scenes from the movie.

Game of Thrones

Built under a licensing agreement between the developer and HBO, the Game of Thrones slot machine is perhaps the most atmospheric slots I’ve ever played. Which is surprising, since it doesn’t feature any of the characters from the series (they all end up being killed anyway). But it isn’t completely without GoT cut scenes – its gamble feature offers winners clips depicting the three-eyed raven, a White Walker, a Direwolf, and a Dragon.

The game has visuals and sounds inspired by the hit HBO series. What it lacks in actors, it makes up with its features: it has quite a few very generous one for its players. Overall, it’s a game worth playing for slots fans – but a disappointing one for those with the utmost respect for Westeros.

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