New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey – [Review]

New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey – [Review]

New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey is a thrilling Science Fiction novel that encompasses the love of history throughout its pages. Mixing the mind-set of time travel with dire consequences, New Pompeii tells the story of a company who develops the technology of time travel, saving the citizens of Pompeii from their fate of dying from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

The story of New Pompeii starts out with one of the main characters, Nick Houghton, trying to find his way through gaining his doctorate, and getting the funding needed to complete his research proposal. It’s evident from the beginning that Nick is fond of history, enjoys learning about different cultures, and is very observant. It’s also revealed that the company NovusPart has been publicly known to be transporting matter from the past to the present, which leads to many conspiracy theories within New Pompeii as to why the company is doing it.


After some events within the story Nick is proposed a six-week trial spot at NovusPart to help them with a new project involving the transport of the citizens of Pompeii to the present, but placed in a town that is similar to the original Pompeii in numerous ways. Since the citizens are forbidden to know of the transport, the leaders of NovusPart; Mark Whelan and Harold McMahon, form a team of researchers to travel to the present-day replica of Pompeii and pose as a type of ‘God’ sent by Augustus himself. The only consequences that were unforeseen were the reaction of the Pompeii citizens, and if they would find out the truth that has been hidden from them.

Without revealing the secrets of NovusPart and plot spoilers, I can say I was completely engulfed within this book, unable to put it down for days straight. New Pompeii has all of the elements that every Sci-Fi fan would want; technological advances, conspiracies, repercussions from the technology, and a rich understanding of how a timeline works in this setting. As a fan of this series, I can’t wait for New Pompeii’s sequel to hit shelves June 2017, titled Empire of Time. I’ll surely be picking it up to see how the story progresses after the dramatic turn of events in New Pompeii.

If you’re interested in New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey, you can pick it up directly from Titan Books on it’s release, June 21st.

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