This War of Mine gets it’s own Board Game

This War of Mine gets it’s own Board Game

Last year This War of Mine wowed players and reviewers alike with its harsh depiction of civilian life in a war-torn city and impressive ability to connect with it’s audience. In a sea of action games the idea of a strategy game built around a group of seemingly-helpless civilians was a breath of fresh air, selling thousands of copies and winning several awards over the last year. Now the curtain has been drawn back on the next step for This War of Mine: a board game.

Announced just before Thanksgiving, This War of Mine: The Board Game promises to offer the same tense gameplay of the original as you struggle to survive alongside up to five of your friends. Solo play will be possible as well, and the game will feature hundreds of new challenges for the characters to face. The creators are also flaunting what they call “instant-play,” or the ability to pick up and play the game without having to read through a manual first.

Heading the project are veteran board game designers Michal Oracz (Theseus: The Dark Orbit, Neuroshima Hex) and Jakub Wisniewski (Dying Light, Earthcore: Shattered Elements). These two promise to leverage their years of experience in bringing This War of Mine to life on the table.

This War of Mine: The Board Game is slated for release sometime next year, after the January release of This War of Mine: The Little Ones on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Are you excited to see this indie blockbuster hit the table? Let us know in the comments.

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