Legends of Callasia – Steam Concept Page

Legends of Callasia – Steam Concept Page

Remember our coverage of the Legends of Fire & Steel Kickstarter back in July? Boomzap Entertainment has reached out to us and informed us that the game’s title has been changed to Legends of Callasia. A Steam concept page for the game has also been created.

The ideas and mechanics haven’t changed, though. Legends of Callasia is inspired by epic strategy games like Civilization, but with a shorter playtime and much simpler controls. Excerpt from press release follows.

Legends of Callasia is a simultaneous turn-based single and multiplayer fantasy world conquest strategy game with no hotseat waiting. Choose from a wide range of heroes – The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne, The Revenant – and conquer lands through single player campaigns, or battle against friends through online multiplayer in board game-style maps. Use cards against your enemies or boost your armies and rule the world!

In my opinion, the best part about this game is that it’s not free-to-play. Pay once and have fun; no boosters and no race for better items to get ahead of other players.

Legends of Callasia will begin its Steam Greenlight campaign once Boomzap has enough feedback from the game’s followers. Plans are to have a PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablet release. Visit the Steam page for more information.

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