Super Awesome Quest Update 1.53 Now Available

Super Awesome Quest Update 1.53 Now Available

Super Awesome Quest, a pretty fun RPG/match-three hybrid for mobile devices, now has an update that brings a few new features as well as some simple bug fixes.

Specifically, the update brings the following:

  • Super Awesome Beta Lab is now open; test out new features, like friends, messaging, and online functionality
  • New meta-tokens; battle fire and roots for control over the board
  • Multiplayer; play online or hotseat multiplayer with your friends, either against each other or in coop-mode
  • Bug-fixes, optimizations and UI functionality


These new additions are sure to get me back into the game. I’ve put it down for a while after playing it so much I burned myself out. You can check out my impressions of the game in this article, where I list what I like and dislike about it.

Version 1.53 is available for both iOS and Android.

Brad Austin is a columnist at Gamers Sphere and a full-time student at Stephen F. Austin State University. He tightly holds onto his belief that video games are art, and hopes to achieve world peace by spreading this belief. Follow Brad on Twitter so that he'll actually have a reason to Tweet. Oh, and to see some rad yoyo tricks.

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