Online Store Review: J!NX

Online Store Review: J!NX

Today, we’re returning to our Online Store Review series, and we’ll be taking a look at J!NX, a storefront that offers clothing, toys, and other memorabilia for popular series such as Portal, Borderlands, Halo, and more.

J!NX offers merchandise for over a dozen games from Mirror’s Edge to Minecraft. Items range from typical t-shirts to bottle openers and wrapping paper.

Several months ago, McFarlane Toys announced a new line of action figures for Halo 5: Guardians. As a massive Halo fan, I had to snatch a couple of them. I pre-ordered them several months ago; in May, to be exact.


I was impressed because J!NX offered lower prices for the Spartan Locke and Master Chief figures ($15.99 apiece) I wanted than competitors. Even was selling the figurines for more money than J!NX.

Secondly, I was impressed by reasonable shipping rates. The $3.92 I paid for same-week shipping was more than acceptable and still had my total cost lower than if I had used my free Prime shipping through Amazon. J!NX offered faster shipping for a considerably higher cost and a sub-$3 option for roughly two-week shipping. I opted for the middle ground.

All seemed to be going according to plan until August 17th rolled around. The McFarlane figurines launched on August 17th…well, they were supposed to, anyhow. Usually, when an item is delayed, the merchant will inform the buyer of the delay. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

So, I called customer service. I can vouch that the service had a very short wait time and the representative who assisted me was very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. She told me that McFarlane Toys delayed the figurines and they were expected to ship the first week of September. She assured me that I would receive an email order confirmation upon shipment, so I would know when the package should arrive.

I never received that email confirmation. It’s not a huge issue; after all, I did get my package. It’s just disappointing that J!NX failed to keep me properly informed throughout the process.

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Nonetheless, the shipping speed was as described; I received my package within the revised launch week. The items were intact (and they are beautiful, as you can see above), and J!NX even threw in a couple of stickers for my computer, skateboard, or wherever else I might want to put them.

All in all, I was impressed with J!NX. The store is well stocked with well priced items, the customer service is top-notch and the shipping speed is accurate and well priced. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t do well with communication unless reached out to. Nonetheless, my experience was a positive one, and I will definitely do business with them again.


  • Reasonable Prices and Shipping Costs
  • Great Customer Service
  • Large Selection of Items



  • Poor Communication
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