Super Awesome Quest Is Actually Kinda Awesome

Super Awesome Quest Is Actually Kinda Awesome

Boomzap Entertainment launched Super Awesome Quest for mobile devices last Friday, July 10th. What intrigued me was the combat system that had something to do with tiles. From the trailer I saw, I had no clue how it would actually work. The result is a unique, risk/reward strategic system that also requires just the right amount of luck to make each fight exciting – even if that fight ends in defeat.

Super Awesome Quest is a fantasy RPG with turn-based combat. There are a number of stages that the player must conquer on the map as they make their way to what looks to be the boss. I’m not sure if there’s an end to the game, or if the Skull at the end of the map simply marks the end of this particular area, from which I’ll be taken to a different map to continue my adventure. There is plenty of loot for each unlockable character (so far I only have two of the three characters I know of) and lots of deep crafting options.

2015-07-15 10.31.14

Combat reminds me of a mix of old-school dungeon RPGs – where characters stand in a row and some moves can only target the front row, while some others can target more or all rows – and some of the three-in-a-row-matching RPGs on mobile devices. It’s an interesting twist that makes me think carefully about my next move, knowing that in two turns the enemy on the front row will attack, but the enemy in the back will attack in the next turn even though I can’t hurt him at all.

Combat puts one of your heroes up against enemies with a large box full of tiles below. At the start, only three or four tiles can be seen. Each up-face tile can be used on your turn. What that tile does depends on its icon: some tiles attack the front enemy, some heal your character, some block incoming attacks, etc. When you activate a tile, the adjacent tiles flip over and become usable on your next turn. “Luck of the draw” will determine your fate, obviously, but careful thinking can get you out of sticky situations even if you think you have no advantage at the moment. A counter above each enemy shows when they will take their turns, and even tells you which attack they will use. Knowing how to best handle the situation is essential. And it makes for some intense matches.

super awesome quest 02

Your gear is also important. Equipping an item gives you an ability to use in combat. If you switch helmets, make sure you know which ability the new helmet will provide. The right combination of gear can give you an arsenal to be reckoned with.

2015-07-15 10.30.18

Those are really the greatest things about this game. Every now and then you’ll be greeted with some funny dialogue with a modern twist on a fantasy setting. The gear looks cool and the crafting system is fun (but slow). There are even cool pets, but they seem to be a gimmick that wasn’t worked on as much as the heroes themselves. I could be wrong, as I’m not extremely far into the game. Something could show up and change my mind.

2015-07-11 00.34.46

Super Awesome Quest is free-to-play. I know most F2P mobile games leave a bad taste in my mouth, but Boomzap manages to do a good job. Advertisements aren’t relentlessly thrown in your face (in fact I haven’t seen any at all) and the micro transactions are almost hidden. There is the illusion of a difficulty spike or progression wall, but each stage can be played five times in order to be considered complete. Completing each level before moving on to the next can reward you with plenty of loot for crafting better items, and the XP required to wear said items. There is a bit of grinding, but progress is slow from the start. The game doesn’t tease you with fast progression and “speed up” items to get rid of timers (timers are nonexistent in the game, actually) and suddenly slow down.

If you don’t mind grinding and slow progression, Super Awesome Quest is a pretty damn awesome way to pass the time if you enjoy its combat system as much as I do.

Brad Austin is a columnist at Gamers Sphere and a full-time student at Stephen F. Austin State University. He tightly holds onto his belief that video games are art, and hopes to achieve world peace by spreading this belief. Follow Brad on Twitter so that he'll actually have a reason to Tweet. Oh, and to see some rad yoyo tricks.


  1. Wow – great review! Thanks.

    • Had a great time writing it! The game seems to be well-received so far.

  2. Thanks for the article, Brad!

    The skull marks the end of Map 1, there’s another 2 maps beyond that, and we’ll release map 4 in about 2-3 weeks, then one map every month. There’s a whole story-arch planned out, 4 additional characters, dragons, demons and much more. Basically we’re trying to make an old-school RPG, just with a combat system streamlined for playing on a handphone.


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