Legends of Fire & Steel on Kickstarter

Legends of Fire & Steel on Kickstarter

Boomzap Entertainment, creator of over 40 mobile and PC games, launched its first ever Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Fire & Steel, an ambitious territory-capture game inspired by old school board and card games.

The campaign has been in motion for a while now, and will be ending July 18th. With the deadline coming up soon and only 6% funded, the game is in need of support.

Legends of Fire & Steel is inspired by epic strategy games like Civilization, but with a shorter and replayable playtime and much simpler controls. The idea seems to be a simple game that’s easy to play and learn, but deep enough so that skill can really make or break your victory.

Three factions are fighting for control of the land of Callasia – Human, Fae and Revenant. As per usual in fantasy settings, the Humans are the reason for all the problems in the first place. The Fae occupied Callasia before the Humans kicked them out and now they’re defending themselves from the invasion. The Revenant are an undead product of the Humans, and are now out of control and wish only to be left alone.

The lore is deep and each Hero has their own bio, which can be found on the Kickstarter page.

With a large map to conquer and interesting gameplay mechanics, Legends of Fire & Steel looks like it could be a really fun game.

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