Team Achieves Flawless Victory in Trials of Osiris With Worst Gun Ever

Team Achieves Flawless Victory in Trials of Osiris With Worst Gun Ever

With the recent addition of the House of Wolves expansion for Destiny, players got a wealth of new content. Instead of a standard raid, we got the Prison of Elders. There was a good amount of story content added, as well as some fixes that help with inventory management. One of Wolves’ biggest and toughest challenges comes from the Trials of Osiris. One team of expert players was not content with just the bare bones challenge of the Trails alone. Nope. They kicked it up a notch by using Destiny‘s worst gun.

For those who are uninitiated, Destiny’s Trials of Osiris is a player vs player, 3 on 3 battle added to the Crucible. The players battle out for the best of 5 rounds before moving onto the next team battle. Each team tries to do the best they can in a single run per Trials pass that you purchase. If you win 5 sets of rounds you can purchase an exotic armor piece; win 7, you can get a weapon. This is where it gets interesting, however, if the team makes it 9 straight rounds without a loss. That team achieves a flawless victory and gets a bevy of goodies. These include some of the best equipment and weapons in the game to date.


Now as I said earlier, this simple task (HA) was not enough for one group of players. These guys went all out and went through Trials of Osiris with one of Destiny‘s worst (yet still exotic) weapons, No Land Beyond. If you have not seen or used this weapon yet, it is an exotic sniper rifle that has the ability to be used as a primary weapon instead of a secondary one. There are a few catches to this though. One is that it has no scope, while the other is that it is bolt-action and therefore has a horrible firing rate.


One of the team members, Th3Jez, provided a montage of the team as they climbed their way through 9 straight victories. Here is the video for you to enjoy.

Now yes, there were some dicey moments and the team did walk away with two super kills and one melee kill, but it is still a very impressive display of skill. I tip my hat to these fellows for pulling this off. For one, they used a horrible weapon choice for something like the Trials of Osiris, yet still pulled off a Flawless. For another, they used a weapon that does honestly take a lot of practice and skill to use and not just have something to spray-n-pray. Well done guys and keep up the awesome work!

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