WWE 2K15 10GB “Patch” Adds All the DLC

WWE 2K15 10GB “Patch” Adds All the DLC

2K Games has released a huge, 10GB download patch for WWE 2K15 over Steam, a patch that includes different fixes to the game as well as every single piece of DLC that is available for it in other platforms.

If you have been playing with WWE 2K15 on PC, you might have noticed certain issues with the game, such as the delay when you are playing online, but this is said to be fixed now (I will have to try that!) and the most important thing about this huge update is that every single piece of DLC has now been made available for PC gamers, allowing them (us) to enjoy the rest of the stories available through the 2K Showcase, and many more content such as:

  • WCW Character Pack
  • NXT Arrival Character Pack
  • New Moves Pack
  • Accelerator
  • Showcase: One More Match
  • Showcase: Hall of Pain
  • Showcase: Path of the Warrior
  • There are plenty of fixes being brought to the game too, besides the already mentioned online mode issue, and we can find the following:


  • Increased performance on minimum specs machines
  • Fixed Vsync issues with chain wrestling


  • Fixed some issues when unplugging or plugging in a controller after the title is boot
  • Fixed a discrepancy between keys binding for taunt actions in Input Settings and Move Set menu


  • Fixed soft crash issues when loading leaderboards
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync issue related to breaking out of a pin
  • Addressed some issues with bringing up the on-screen keyboard while in the Online lobby
  • Tweaked submission timing between mininum and high specs machines


  • In-game manual should now be visible when selecting manual from the Options menu
  • Fixed stability on the Wrestlemania 12 and 29 arenas
  • Fixed mask & glasses & hair textures

All in all, it is a totally needed update, and in case you haven’t applied it, you definitely should!

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