Obsidian says Kickstarter Saved Them

Obsidian says Kickstarter Saved Them

Obsidian Entertainment says that without their Kickstarter success, they would have closed their doors.

Creators of much loved games such as South Park: Stick of Truth, Fallout: New Vegas, and Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian has a good track record for game development.

Obsidian has always created great games, but was having trouble with finances during the development of Stick of Truth. There even was a closure date if the studio failed to receive a deal to work on a new game, which would have been a huge loss for RPG fans everywhere.

The new video documentary about the creation of Pillars of Eternity, called Path to Eternity, revealed much information about how rocky the future of the company was the past few years, citing their massive success of the Kickstarter-funded Pillars of Eternity as the reason the company has survived.

new vegas

Another game that Obsidian had money and time troubles with was New Vegas

The reason for this was that they had a deal to work on another game after Stick of Truth, but it was cancelled, leaving the company without any work and no future funding, especially since it was supposedly a very, very large title.

Thankfully, as is known now, the Kickstarter made an enormous amount of money for the company, so they are still around today, and will hopefully stay around for a very long time.


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