DC Comics Introduces its new Suicide Squad

DC Comics Introduces its new Suicide Squad

ReverseFlashThere always come to the time to update certain teams, whether these teams are formed by super heroes or their counterpart, the super villains, as it is the case with DC’s Suicide Squad, a team that’s stepping up its game and getting together some of the most vicious villains from the universe.

Revealed by the publisher in the Channel 52 promo page for every single book out this week, the Suicide Squad will be slowly getting a whole new team, which includes villains from Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.

So, who will this new Suicide Squad feature? Let’s check them out below:


Parasite is one of the plenty of villains who have fought against the Man of Steel. His main power being that he can absorb energy from his opponents.

Parasite-2Black Hand

Coming from the Green Lantern’s bucket of enemies, Black Hand is an undead adversary and primary villain from the highly-successful Blackest Night crossover from 2009.


Poison Ivy

This one has to be a fan favorite villain from the Batman universe: Poison Ivy. Does she really need to be introduced?


The Reverse Flash

The main villain from The Flash will also be joining the new Suicide Squad. The Reverse Flash is here, and he will be sure to use his speed in order to cause some trouble.



Wonder Woman’s nemesis will also be coming to the squad, with her feline skills, she will surely be there as another trouble-maker.



First introduced to the Batman mythos during Scott Snyder’s opening New 52 run on the main Batman title and featured in the DC Animated feature, Batman Vs. Robin, Talon is a lethal undead assassin for the Court of Owls.


What do you think of the brand new Suicide Squad?



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