Planetside 2 breaks Guinness World Record

Planetside 2 breaks Guinness World Record

BLUF (bottom line up front):  Planetside 2 secures the record for “Most Players Online in a Single FPS Battle.”  The event was called RecordSmash, and ended on Saturday, January 24th, 2014, at 22:00 UTC, with 1,158 players in attendance.  Match documentYouTube PlaylistMonument.  NC won.


We did it.  The article could end right here, but it would be a huge injustice to the many individuals who made this a wondrous success.

We want to take a second to honor the previous record holder, Man vs. Machine, which held the record since 2012 with 999 players in attendance.


(click to enlarge, compliments of D0ku)

The success of the event was confirmed multiple times (here, here, here, here, here, etc…).  As explained in previous articles found here and here, the world record attempt was set to be an approximate 384v384v384 three-way fight.  It ended up being a 386v386v386 three-way fight.

Each of the five servers brought a task force, contributing to the combined force that each of the three factions brought to bear.  The sophisticated Vanu Sovereignty (VS), the callous Terran Republic (TR), and the unruly New Conglomerate (NC).

A NC player from the Miller (EU) server fought alongside a NC player from Connery (USW), Emerald (USE), Briggs (AU), as well as Cobalt (EU).  The same went for the TR and VS faction players.  It was glorious, and there are plenty of Twitch highlights and YouTube videos to prove it.



(click to enlarge, compliments of Kogoros)

Statistics from the Match

Total Streamers 2,338
Total Kills 53,729
Total Team Kills 3,822
Total Bases Captured 31
Total Vehicles Destroyed 5,089
Total Air Vehicles Destroyed 2,509
Top Weapon Orion VS54 (3,382 kills)
Top Vehicle Sunderer (2,041 kills)
Total Times Higby Killed by Knife 2

The event was organized by the player-led organization, Planetside Battles (PSB).  PSB worked closely with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), Guinness World Records, and faction organizers (credit below).  We pulled the trigger; the sparks did not just fly, they furiously exploded.

With the conclusion of this astounding event, one of our three founding members, Lujah, resigned from his role on the admin team.  We will miss him dearly.  He participated in that initial conversation that birthed ServerSmash, which birthed Planetside Battles.


(click to enlarge, compliments of D0ku)

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The list of individuals responsible for making this happen is massive, and I do mean on a global scale.  So instead of posting all of that here, which is over 12 pages in length, the official World Record Monument for “largest online first-person shooter battle” –> can be found here <–.

You can watch the entire match below via the links below.  It was streamed in 1080p, so be sure to watch it in all of its glory.  If you are interested in Planetside-wide pickup matches that happen every week, participating in server vs server (ServerSmash), Armor vs armor, outfit scrimmages, or the infantry league, go to our website (, connect with our subreddit (/r/ServerSmash), and hop on our Teamspeak (


Thanks for reading!  My other articles are here and here.




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