Final Fantasy Type-0 Limited Editions

Final Fantasy Type-0 Limited Editions

Both Europe and Australia are going to get two different limited editions for Final Fantasy Type-0.

One edition is called the Fr4me Limited Edition, and the other is the Steelbook Limited Edition, each only slightly different from one another depending on which one you want.

The Fr4me Limited Edition will include a “Fr4me case.” This case is sort of like a photo frame that will be able to double as a game case. Finger grips along the sides will be able to work as a horizontal stand to display the artwork as a photo.

The Fr4me Limited Edition is pre-orderable for £55 through Amazon UK.

Fr4me-Final-Fantasy1The Steelbook Limited Edition will come packed in a steelbook case rather than the picture frame case. This difference between the two editions seems to be solely the different cases and artwork.

Steelbook-Final-Fantasy2Both editions of the game will still come with a code for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV playable demo and will be released on March 17th for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Which edition do you prefer?



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