Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 6

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 6

This is it. The epic finale is upon us at last! We finally face Corypheus to see who is truly more powerful, and so our Dragon Age Inquisition quest will come to an explosive close. Read on to see how this all wraps up!

flemeth dragon age inquisitionIn the previous episode of this series, we fought our way to the Temple of Mythal where Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows. Now, she has a plan that will allow us to finally defeat Corypheus, she hopes. She tells me that we must go to the Altar of Mythal, where we will summon Mythal herself. Mythal’s power will allow us to defeat Corypheus’ dragon, and that will segue right into a battle with The Elder One himeself. This is news to me, as I thought that Mythal was long since dead or had never existed in the first place.

We arrive at the Altar, and Mythal is summoned. When Morrigan sees Mythal, she cries out in disbelief. Mythal is Morrigan’s mother! Well, somewhat. As it turns out, Flemeth, Morrigan’s mother, cried out for help long ago. Mythal came to her and granted her more than she had ever desired. Now, she is the embodiment of Mythal.

Morrigan doesn’t want to believe that Flemeth could actually be of assistance, and I get the vibe that the two do not get along very well. Nonetheless, Morrigan digresses and absorbs the power her mother bestows upon her. Now, Morrigan can match the dragon’s power, and she can hopefully kill Corypheus’ steed.

We head back to the War Rom at our Skyhold fortress and begin to plan. We’ve weakened Corypheus, we have incredible power, and we can probably defeat him in an encounter now…but where is he? The entire time we’ve been fighting him, we have never found his base. Unless we find it, there is no way we’ll ever get to him. It’s not like he would try to assault us while he’s weak. That would be-oh, there he is.Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141216224348

A huge breach re-emerges in the sky above us, and we all hedge our bets and decide that it’s probably Corypheus’ doing. If we head back to the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the place where the first breach occurred and where this all began, we might just find what we’re looking for.

Off we go, and to no surprise, Corypheus is waiting for us, smack-talking as usual. He seems to be a bit distressed at his lack of power, but he still puts on the facade that he will destroy us. I challenge him, and when I do, his dragon swoops down and lands right in front of me. No fear, however! Morrigan shape-shifts into a dragon and blasts the other one away. They take to the sky and begin a deadly aerial battle. I head for Corypheus.

He’s strong, and he has lots of demons on his side, but with lots of concentrated attacks, he’s no match for my party members and I. We battle him for some time, that is, until his dragon comes back into the fray.

As Morrigan battles Corypheus’ dragon, huge blows are dealt one way and the other. They claw and scratch, and finally, Morrigan breaks away. She flies up higher and higher, gaining altitude as she flies almost vertically upward. Then, she stops, turns around, and plummets toward the ground. As she falls, she slams into the other dragon, and they both hit the ground hard, clawing at each other the whole time. When Morrigan hits, she shifts back into a human and collapses, blood spurting from her wounds. Corypheus’ dragon is hardly in better shape, and we focus on taking him down first.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141216225143Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141216225146

After a fierce battle, the dragon has finally had enough. With a final screech, the dragon flings his head back and breathes his last. He collapses and dies, no longer a threat. Now, I can focus on Corypheus.

My party and I climb back up the hill to where Corypheus was fighting us earlier, and there he stands upon a ledge for his final confrontation with us. Quickly, we bring him to his knees, and he loses the obscenely powerful orb he’s been carrying. This orb is how he’s been opening the Breach, and it’s where the Mark on my hand came from. I grab the orb and absorb it’s power, just as I did at the Conclave. With immense power in the palm of my right hand, I point at Corypheus and yell, “You wanted into the Fade?” With the flick of my wrist, Corypheus disintegrates and is sent into the Fade, hopefully never to be seen again.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141216225409

Meanwhile, Solas soon comes along, distraught that Corypheus’ orb shattered when I banished him. I ask if it can be repaired, but he says that it cannot. The elven relic is gone. He skulks away, and I’m more than slightly confused at his erratic behavior. We won; why isn’t he at least pleased with that?

The res of my crew regroups and asks what we should do next. I exclaim that we should return to Skyhold. Soon thereafter, we arrive, and a regal celebration commences! The Inquisition celebrates to death of Corypheus, and although we have a lot of pieces to put back together, we will be able to fix the land once again and restore it to its former glory.

As I leave the party and retire to my quarters, I look back at the room full of friends, guests, and allies. I look at them and see warriors that were willing to fight to the bitter end. They were willing to give their lives to save others. Most ofDragon Age™: Inquisition_20141216225910 all, they trusted me. A Dalish Elf somehow rose to power as the Inquisitor, and the community rallied behind that elf. It was unprecedented, but it worked, and for that, I am grateful. Those celebrating take a moment to bow to me before I retire for the evening, and I smile back at them before going to my quarters.

Then, a mysterious scene takes place. Solas is at some unknown location, and Flemeth/Mythal comes to him. As they converse, I find out that it was Solas who mistakenly gave the orb to Corypheus! In a way, Solas started everything! As I try to comprehend what I’m seeing, Flemeth hugs Solas, and she starts to disintegrate as Solas’ eyes glow blue. What’s happening? Is she possessing him? Is he destroying her? Is Solas good or evil? What’s happening?

Then, it all ends. It’s over.

The tale of the Inquisitor has come to a close. What happens next? Well, if you stay tuned, you might just see the epilogue that ties it all together and shows you a glimpse of the world after the war…

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