Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 2

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 2

By the time we wrapped up Part 1 to my Dragon Age Inquisition Journey, I had liberated the mages from the Venatori, but to do so, I had to endure time travel, find my way back, and take out one of the Venatori leaders. Now, with a view of the bleak future fresh in my mind, I face the world so that doesn’t become a reality.

*I will say this now: there will be major spoilers in this article, and because there will be so many, I’m not even going to bother tagging them as spoilers for you. If you don’t want the story spoiled, leave now or forever hold your peace. This has been a Gamers Sphere Public Service Announcement. Thank you.*dragon age inquisition red templar

Gareon is dead! The mages are liberated! Thanks to an equal alliance with the Inquisition, the mages have freedom, and we have help closing up the Breach. We set out at once to do just that. Once again, we see success! The mages help us close the Breach, and the world is saved from the bitter end; its horrid destruction will not come to pass…but wait.

What’s that out in the distance?

After closing the Breach, my band goes home to the refuge of Haven…but there are small flames in the distance. Descending from the hillside are many pinpricks of fire. Could it be? Each one is a torch, and each one signifies an angry Templar, eager to destroy us, presumably for siding with the mages. But under what banner do they charge? The Chantry’s? Their own? Somebody else’s? There’s no time to wonder; prepare for a seige! Man the battlements!

An epic battle breaks out, as the Templars -who look to somehow be infused with red lyrium- storm the city. My mission is to aim the trebuchet before it’s too late. With the help of my friends, I am able to aim at the nearby mountain and chuck a boulder at it. Luckily, this causes an avalanche, just like I had planned!

There is a short break in the madness, but it doesn’t last long. Another wave comes to lay seige, but this time, the Templars’ leader shows his face. It’s The Elder One! It looks like he’s riding on an archdemon. But weren’t the Darkspawn defeated during the last blight? That was only ten years ago; could it be possible that they are back?

corypheus dragon age inquisitionThe evil, wretched Elder One tries his best to take me out, but it doesn’t work. With a bit of luck, I am able to survive and send him fleeing away. But the damage is done. Haven is absolutely destroyed. It will not be rebuilt; it is in utter shambles. So many lives were lost; only some were able to make it to safety. The Elder One will pay. I will have my revenge.

Well, as it turns out, The Elder One is named Corypheus. He desperately wants to become a god. Is that even possible? It’s impossible to really tell, but he seems to think it will happen. With the Templars at his side, he will begin his conquest of the world; there is little standing in his way. We must act quickly.

Corypheus won’t take a defeat lying down. He has already moved onto new conquests…including the Gray Wardens.

The Gray Wardens are well known for being the only ones who can successfully fight and defeat the Darkspawn. They are highly regarded and respected, however, they have a tendency to simply disappear when times are going well. With Corypheus attacking, however, the Inquisition wonders where the Wardens could be. Varric, one of my friends, knows a man by the name of Hawke, The Champion of Kirkwall. We should chat with him.

In comes Hawke, but he doesn’t have great news. As it turns out, Corypheus is doing something shady with the Wardens. It almost seems as if he’s trying to get them on his side. If he can win over the Gray Wardens, there will be nobody to stop him and his Darkspawn threat. Why would the Wardens side with the enemy? Mind control. It sounds like The Elder One is controlling the minds of the Wardens, one way or another. We’ve got to find out how. Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141130194206

Hawke has a contact in Crestwood; he might know about what Corypheus is doing and how he’s doing it. Off to Crestwood!

Upon arrival, it turns out that Hawke’s contact is another Warden named Stroud. Stroud says that although Corypheus isn’t really controlling the Wardens, it’s pretty close. Every Warden, near the end of his life, will hear The Calling. The Calling is a nagging, persistent voice in the head of a Warden that tells them they’re going to die soon. They take this time to say their final goodbyes before death takes them, and, to go out with a fight, they head off to a final battle. Corypheus is somehow causing every Gray Warden to hear The Calling; some actually believe they are dying. When a man is dying, he doesn’t think rationally; we need to find out what’s at the bottom of it all. How to we reverse this and stop Corypheus?

Get ready for another episode that will be on its way soon! We’ll find out more about Corypheus and his plot to become a god.

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