Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 1

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 1

Nearly 20 hours into my Dragon Age Inquisition journey, my elven archer is a level 10, she’s closed the breach that threatened the world, made friends with mages, lost the Templars, and fought off a crazed villian who wants to become a god. Oh, and this is just the beginning…We’ll cover the first few hours of my journey so far in this article; let’s go!

*I will say this now: there will be major spoilers in this article, and because there will be so many, I’m not even going to bother tagging them as spoilers for you. If you don’t want the story spoiled, leave now or forever hold your peace. This has been a Gamers Sphere Public Service Announcement. Thank you.*

The opening cutscene in Dragon Age Inquisition shows explosions all around as a figure climbs and feebly crawls up a ridge of rubble. Green light flashes everywhere, and things really don’t look good. This is where my character takes shape. The character editor is in the opening cutscene, actually.

As everything goes to the dogs, I take probably 45 minutes shaping my character to my liking. My female elf has red, wavy hair down to the top of her neck, striking green eyes, just a hint of makeup and eyeliner, tattoos that accentuate her facial features, a scar that shoes what she’s been through, and ears that are a bit small for an elf. I’d go so far as to say she almost looks human.

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Some heroic do-gooders find me and take me prisoner, only to find out that I have no idea what has happened. Amidst a massive explosion that killed countless at the Conclave peace talks, I’m the only one who survived…and I have a Mark on my hand that carries the same color and energy of the lime green Breach and its smaller corresponding Rifts. It surely sound suspicious; maybe it’s my fault after all. Their mage, Solas, however, suggests that I might be able to close these demon-spawning Rifts and eventually the Breach also.

We test out the theory on a nearby Rift, despite the Chantry’s disapproval. The Chantry is essentially for Dragon Age what the Roman Catholic Church was for Europe a few hundred years ago. Their Chancellor claims that I should die; I must have caused the explosion that killed so many! I am not to be trusted. I defend myself, and so do my newly found allies. The ones who found me, Solas, Cassandra, and Varric, seem to think that I’m alright after all. They disregard the Chancellor’s orders and go with me to the Rift.

We head to the Rift and seal it tight. What great news! Slowly but surely, we can end the madness after all! It’s time to plan our next move. First, we more or less denounce the Chantry. They don’t approve of me, but I seem to be the world’s only hope. So, my new friends revive the morals and ideals of the Inquisition, an ancient group that strove for good. The new Inquisition seems to hold the high standards that people look up to now; meanwhile, the Chantry falters. Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141118121812

In the meantime, nothing will get done if we don’t spread the word of the Inquisition. After all, people remember the tales of the Inquisition of old. Knowing that it has been revived will bring hope and support, be it monetary, in troops, or in supplies. I set out to travel the countryside in hopes of securing alliances and any possible support.

In my travels, I play out like a regular Girl Scout. I feed the hungry by bringing ram meat for refugees to cook and eat. I obtain a potion to heal a dying woman, I take out groups of bandits along heavily traveled roads, I rescue soldiers trapped in a bog, I secure horses for the Inquisition, I take out a pack of demon-possessed wolves, close Rifts, and so much more.

As I make forward progress in a dying world, I gain Power and Influence. Kings, queens, and nobles from far and wide hear of my virtuous exploits and come to my aid to fight with or for the Inquisition. But before long, I have a dangerous decision to make. Two groups are fighting each other in a sort of civil war, even amidst the threat the Breach poses. The Templars and the mages just can’t seem to come to terms with each other.

Traditionally, the Templars side with the Chantry, but with the Chantry losing their minds, the Templars are going rogue to an extent, not even siding with the Inquisition. They’re on the brink of doing something very dangerous, and I should probably try to talk some sense into them. Or, I can side with the mages. They’re not always trustworthy, but they seem to be willing to help us out; they’ve already expressed interest in talking with us in hopes of an alliance. How well might that work out, though?

I decide to approach the mages for an alliance, knowing full well that the Templars will disapprove and do who knows what else. It seems logical to me to side with the alexius dragon agemages since the Templars don’t even seem willing to cooperate.

To save the mages, I must first liberate them from the Venatori, who happened to strike a deal with them just before I arrived. Their closing terms aren’t very appealing. The mages are to more or less fight for the Venatori, and rather than being equally allied with them, the mages are treated more like slaves or captives.

I confront the Gereon Alexius, who seems to be in charge of conquering the mages. In talking to him, I find that he’s kind of insane. He’ll do just about anything to save his dying son, Felix. Apparently, taking over the mages will help him do that, and really if nothing I’m saying right now makes sense, that’s because it doesn’t. Gareon is nuts, and he even -accidentally- shoots us forward in time; into a future where The Elder One rules with a demonish grip. It’s doomsday in that future; I can see what will happen if I can’t save the world…but who is The Elder One?

I manage to escape the future by killing future Gareon (who, by the way, “healed” his son by turning him into Darkspawn, if I’m not mistaken) and taking the amulet that he used to send me forward in time. I use it to go back to the present-day throne room and take him down. With the mages liberated, I can choose to conscript them like the Venatori did, or I can make them allies. Fearing a rebellion, I make them allies rather than slaves.

So, what happens next? Who is The Elder One? Why is the future so dark, and why does everybody die? Will the mages actually be helpful? Tune in for the next episode to see what happens why The Elder One strikes my city, Haven.

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