Games Against PewDiePie: Devs with Jam

Games Against PewDiePie: Devs with Jam

I can hear the furious amount of typing during the caffeine-pocalypse of Indie Devs working on games coming to a grinding halt in time for the conclusion of the dev period for the Indies vs PewDiePie Game Jam. Very shortly, the jam will end and a flood of games in various degrees of completion will pour into the world – a tidal wave rushing toward one man: PewDiePie. But what are the games going to be like? Well, I’ve managed to pull out a small sample of games from the contestants, featured below. Creativity, fun and good times are all waiting to be had.

Once the timer runs out on the Indies vs PewDiePie page runs out, the judging begins! What will the community decide? There are 32 million people on that guy’s subscriber list, chances are that not everyone will get their word in on every game. But whosoever wins this game jam will probably get more publicity than the winners of Ludum Dare received. In its way that’s a little disappointing considering the history there, but at the same time seeing some indies receiving that level of attention is always fun. Here are a few of the games by the devs fighting to the death for the favor of the Pewds. I may have asked them a few questions.


“What’s our game?”

Wait… YOU DON’T KNOW?! I guess it’s okay you don’t know: Are you Puppet To Me? is mini game madness with microphone and webcam recognition. You take a photo and you play with yourself. Wait, uhm. No, forget that last thing. Prepare for 6 (or 7) mini games with unique mechanics, some jokes in between and your silly face everywhere.
“Why is it fun to play and to watch?”
Shout like Goku to win a kame-ha duel. Like, really. Be alone in your home and shout, awake your neighbours, your parents. AAAND, watch youtubers, or friends, shout as they faces move in the screen. We are laughing of this every time we test it, believe us.
“An animal you think will be delicious.”
Sarah Jessica Parker au orange. Just kidding, we love you Jess.
Get more info about this game by following the link! Follow the creators on Twitter @AreUPuppetToMe
What’s your game?
The provisional title is Accidental Demonic RampageA mashup of good old Double Dragon and Happy Tree Friends. You’re a demon and accidentally end up in Oopsy Happy Joy Land where carnage ensues. Brawl your way through each level eating and bashing whatever gets in your way.
Why’s it fun to play and watch?
Old-fashioned beat ’em up with lots of blood and decapitations. I’ve also got plans for a level where you stomp and eat cute little chickens. I’m a sick man.
Tell me something random.
Once upon a time I was an extra in a locally made horror movie. Got to play a pale undead/ghost lurking in the dark in the background. The shooting location was FREEZING cold, and while we were waiting for filming to start my large nose went a nice shade of red. The makeup ladies (all ex-LOTR) slathered on a good heaping of makeup, but to no avail, the red nose shone through. So, if you’re watching a New Zealand-made horror movie and happen to spot Rudolph the red-nosed undead ghost in the background…that was me.
Follow them on Twitter @ThumbsBlue or play the game at the Game Jolt location!
What’s your game?
Die Pig Die is ( or I should say ) will be an endless fighting action game, where a pretty over-powered pig uses a bunch of moves to beat up wolves. It’s like Iron Snout, but with horizontal movement, different enemies and mechanics.
Why’s it fun to play and watch?
It [should be] fun to watch and play, because of fast pace, silly art, dynamic gameplay and farts (not implemented).
Tell me something random.
Something random about me and jam survival: this is my first gamejam after I quit smoking (bad timing!), I don’t drink energy drinks and I use honey in my coffee rather than sugar. Something random about the game: Die Pig Die is supposed to be an Iron Snout sequel, where a piglet gets locked up in a jail or mental asylum for all the wolves it killed and has to escape the establishment, but lack of time is making it an endless beat’em up. The title is a fitting wordplay mix of Pewdiepie and my first game – Run Pig Run.
Check out Die Pig Die on the page and check out the creators on Twitter @SnoutUp and @SteffenWittig
Check out the other indies and their hastily developed games over at the Indies vs PewDiePie site! Vote for the above! Vote for your favorites! But most of all, just have fun!

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