Dark Souls 2 – Journal of the Brave Undead #6

Dark Souls 2 – Journal of the Brave Undead #6

This is the sixth installment of a series that acts as commentary of my play-through of Dark Souls 2, and is told in the Brave Undead’s point of view in the form of journal entries. You can read the previous installment here, or start at the beginning if this is your first look.

This series may contain spoilers.

Begin Entry

As I stepped through the fog, I was greeted by three large, slender guardians in shining brass armor. They were easily three of my heights, and they carried long spears. Luckily their attacks were easy to read. I was able to avoid being killed as I took them down one at a time. I found my way to this Bonfire and I don’t know how long I’ve been here. The flames closed my wounds and the warmth soothed my soul. I feel such at peace here. This place is cryptic. It is dark and the halls are filled with the stench of misery and death. The smoke, however little there is, from the Bonfire is surprisingly sweet-smelling. Though I haven’t slept since I arrived in Drangleic, the Bonfires have a deep, meditative affect that is the closest to what I remember sleep to be like. I know I need to move, though. From here I could either take a ladder to a room below, or continue into the next room.

Next Entry

I decided to climb down the ladder. My thought process was that if there were anything extremely powerful in this dark place, it would slumber deep down below in the shadows.

This path, however, took me the opposite direction. The room that the ladder led down into had only one door. After I passed through it I found myself at the base of the bell tower. Arms and armor littered the floor, and a massive pile of bodies lay against the wall to my left. Upon entering the room I was greeted by a little man, no taller than two feet. He sat on a table and his legs swayed and kicked as he talked. “You wish to guard the bell, you do,” he asked me. I have no interest in guarding anything other than my life. Telling him so didn’t seem to be what he wanted to hear. As soon as I climbed the stairs to the next floor, I was attacked by several other little people.

Once I arrived on the second floor, I saw another fog door. I was about to enter it when a phantom appeared and blocked my way. He didn’t look dead, not like a ghost. He was dark and had a blue-colored aura about him. I saw a ring on his dark hand that had a bell etched into it, no doubt given to him to be summoned to guard the bell tower. He didn’t look Hollow, and the ring leads me to assume that it was his choice to guard the bell, unlike the little people who must have been guarding it forever in their cursed state.

It was a long and tiring fight, but eventually he fell to me and was returned to wherever he came from. I passed through the fog to find myself on the roof of what must be a church. Gargoyles lined the perimeter of the roof and the bell tower stood before me on the other side. Suddenly two of the gargoyles began to move. They roared and trembled as their stiff bodies awoke. I didn’t last very long against them, and I woke up at the Bonfire. I know that I could always continue down the hall, but I must go back and see them dead.

Next Entry

Ten deaths until I finally managed to defeat them. The longer I fought, the more gargoyles came to life until I was fighting four of them at once. The gargoyles granted me some of the most painful deaths thus far. I was burned alive by their breath, impaled by their tails, crushed by their feet and cut deeply by their axes. My patience and wits were tested, as I was forced to fight them at a slow pace and kill them one at a time, like the fight with the sentinels before. Once they were all defeated, I found a key. It must be important for them to guard it so relentlessly. I am now eager to continue down the hall from this Bonfire and find out what it opens. I shall do so as soon as I return from a quick trip back to Majula.

End of Entry

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