Online Store Review: DrQ

Online Store Review: DrQ

Ok, this might be a store that you haven’t really heard about, but that’s why I wanted to introduce it to you, and what better way to do it than introducing it by adding it to my ongoing Online Store Reviews series?

DrQ isn’t the common online store we are all used to. It was created with one idea in mind: to work hand-in-hand with indie developers and companies from the industry. As they explain it:

“DrQ aims to create a fuss-free merchandising solution for games, animation and comic creators. We focus on helping original content creators promote their works and create additional revenue streams through physical products.”

The way in which DrQ works is by providing creators with a way to create merchandise for their brand at affordable prices, by providing different solutions such as on-demand production of items, low quantity production, social and cross promotion, and worldwide shipping.

Let me break those down for you (in case you are interested in working with DrQ):

  • On-Demand Production: this means that items are only produced when they are ordered, providing the creators with the option to advertise their products without having to pay anything upfront.
  • Low-Quantity Production: Suppliers work with DrQ in order to produce limited quantities of their items, going from hundreds up to a thousand units.
  • Social & Cross Promotion: suppliers can work with DrQ in order to monetize their digital IPs through merchandise and licensing, allowing them to reach a broader audience for their IPs through merchandise and advertising.
  • Worldwide Shipping and Fulfillment: when you work with DrQ, you won’t have to worry about shipping, order fulfillment, or even customer service, as DrQ will take care of all that, going from the production of the items up to providing customer service for the merchandise that gets sold.

This store was created by an ex-journalist / games producer, and a former game designer and professional gamer, whom were aware of the risks indie game developers would have to take in order to get some physical merchandise out there, so they decided to help by providing this platform that would be accessible for developers of games such as Cubetractor or Dusty Revenge.

Now that you know a little bit of the story behind this store, let’s go with my personal review of it, which is what most of you would be looking for in here.

As many of you already know from previous articles, I do not live in the US, which can cause a few problems when it comes to getting orders shipped to me, and so everything I order online, I have decided to be shipped to my US address first, so that it then gets sent to me. This might be a little bit weird, but it is the best way for me to get my stuff, which also means it may take about two or three days longer for me to get my orders, but it is totally worth it.

When I was looking for something to order from DrQ, I first thought about a phone case; however, given how my phone isn’t one of the most popular ones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy (mine is a Sony Xperia) they didn’t have a case for it, so I went ahead and did something I promised myself I would never do, and ordered a T-Shirt, along with a Mug from Dusty Revenge.

The order was placed on July 18, and it arrived to my US address on August 21, which is certainly an acceptable time-frame in my personal book, as the items are coming from overseas.

I know I’m not adding a picture from the T-Shirt, but I’ll add one as soon later today, so don’t worry about it, all I can say is that I really like it, its design, color and quality, if you are curious, this is the one I bought. Something that bought me while dealing with DrQ, was when I got contacted by them due to the fact that I ordered that T-Shirt in red, but when they produced they noticed that it didn’t really look all that great with the design that got in there, so they asked if I would like to get it in red, or change the color, so I decided to change it for a “navy” one, and I have to say, I’m really glad that I got that color, because it looks awesome!

All in all, I highly recommend going through the goods DrQ currently has to offer, they are of good quality, quite affordable, and their customer service is one of the best I’ve had to deal with so far, so, give it a try and see if there’s anything you like from the store; and if you are a content creator, I suggest for you to get in touch with them through email, to the address so that you can start producing some merchandise for your IPs.


John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.

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