Online Store Review: Gamer Heaven

Online Store Review: Gamer Heaven

Update (October 2, 2016): New review of this store can be found here.

In this new series, we will be reviewing the service provided by online stores, not any stores, but those who we as gamers and geeks use in order to get our precious goodies. The first entry in the series is Gamer Heaven.

Update: Gamer Heaven is now under new administration. I will be ordering something from them as soon as I can afford it in order to update this review appropriately.

At first sight, Gamer Heaven is indeed a heaven for gamers. It offers plenty of merchandise about our favorite video games, going from Assassin’s Creed, to Call of Duty, or even Zelda or Watch Dogs. The store is pretty big, offering quite a diverse gamma of items. T-Shirts, wallets, phone cases…

When I found this store last year, I tried getting in touch with the owners through the contact information they have on the site; however, until today, I have not gotten any response back from them, but still, I wanted to take the risk and ordered two different items (in two separate orders) a Watch Dogs wallet ($53.66) and messenger bag ($75.47).

These orders were placed on July 25 and 26 respectively, getting the surprise of them being “processed” quite fast getting to a point in which both orders were waiting to be shipped within a day. I was really excited because I really wanted to get both items for my birthday, which is in a couple of weeks from the time I started writing this article and a month after I placed my orders.

Unfortunately, without any sort of notification from this store, the orders were still “awaiting to be shipped” ever since, even when I had paid the extra money to get them shipped with the Royal Mail including a tracking number and being faster. After a couple of weeks waiting, I decided to send another email to Gamer Heaven asking for some update on my order, to which they replied that they were holding both orders due to some security situation, and requested for me to explain it.

It is certainly important to share what the situation was, so here it is. As many already know, I am from a tiny Central American country called Costa Rica; however, I receive all of the items I order online on my US address simply to avoid some complications that come with shipping to my country directly. So, Gamer Heaven’s system noticed that I placed my order from a different country than the one I marked as my shipping address (I placed the order from Costa Rica, asking for the items to be shipped to the US). They never sent a notification about my orders being flagged at all, even when they had already charged me and had me waiting for a couple of weeks.

It was a simple situation, so I would’ve explained it to them if they would’ve simply asked me, but they didn’t. I just replied back to them explaining the situation with all the needed details, expecting for them to understand and reply back, or just ship my order, something that didn’t happen. They didn’t reply back, and my orders were still being held by them.

I sent another email asking for an update on my orders. They haven’t replied, and I am not even expecting them to reply anymore. But wait! There’s more. Even when I thought this was an isolated situation, I found out it isn’t, thanks to some responses I got to my Tweet about it.

Just one user replied to my Tweet directly, but I got other private responses about it, with people asking me about my experience, and sharing with me that they lived a similar one, which certainly made up my mind about the store.

Our verdict about Gamer Heaven?

Not good at all, but let’s list all of its pros and cons.


  • Wide variety of original and licensed products from a lot of different games and franchises


  • Not a trustworthy site
  • Bad communication
  • Slow shipping (if they actually ship the item)

All in all, we do not recommend taking the risk at ordering articles from this store, unless you are located within the UK territories.

Which online store do you frequent when looking for your gaming/geeky products? Let us know in the comments below and we just might review it!

John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.


  1. Wooooooooowww… And I was thinking of buying from there, actually. Never mind that idea! Hopefully you get your stuff (or a refund).

  2. They are horrible, don’t but from Gamer Heaven. I order an item weeks ago and it still has yet to come. It’s still awaiting shipment. I doubt it will come but lesson learned.

    • That’s the most common scenario I have seen so far, even I lived through it. My personal experience says: if it is “awaiting shipment” for over 5 days, ask for a refund. If they do not reply (their way of dealing with this is not to reply and then fake emails’ dates/times) start a complaint with either your Bank -if you paid directly with your card- or start a Dispute over PayPal, give them 2 days to reply, and if they don’t reply, escalate the dispute to a Claim.

      So far, I know of 5 people who have gotten their money back when they escalated their PayPal dispute to a claim. That’s how I got my money back as well. I have yet to hear about Gamer Heaven to win a single dispute.

      • Thanks for letting me know this. Also thank you for posting this article to show awareness.

        • Not a problem Nicholas, that’s what we are here for! There are going to be more entries in the series soon, I just have to decide which Store will go next 😛

          • Haha, ok. You seem pretty honest I will keep up to date and see what’s a good place to buy from online. Outside of ebay/amazon. Do you recommend any website or know of any that are good to buy cool gamer stuff from that is creative?

          • I might have one in mind; however, I have yet to order something from them, that might be the next entry in the series, actually! Can’t recommend any just yet, but I promise, next month, I’ll have another entry in the series with one that I hope to be really good.

  3. Wish I’d seen this earlier. I ordered a couple of AC: Unity shirts from them at the beginning of September – the stock said ‘available’ (not pre-order) and the item changed to ‘awaiting shipment’ on the 9th of September … and now it’s a month later and nothing. I also received no response from customer service even though I emailed them five days ago. Very professional.

    • That’s the exact same behavior they have with everyone (or so it seems according to the reports I’ve got from users) if you paid through PayPal, my suggestion is the same, within 45 days of the transaction, you must open a dispute for it, and if there’s no response within 24 hours, escalate it to a claim. If you did the transaction directly from your credit/debit card, just talk with your bank about this situation, and they can reverse the payment back to you, because believe me when I say this, they won’t ship those shirts.

      • Yeah, actually, right after posting my comment I went ahead and opened a dispute. And even though I said in my dispute memo that I just want to know when the stuff is shipping (I said nothing about wanting a refund), like magic, my order status (on the website, not Paypal) was updated to ‘refunded’ five minutes later. So … they don’t have the time to reply to my email inquiry but they’re on top of Paypal disputes … hahaha wonder why ! -_-

        In any case it only said refunded on their site, not Paypal, so I’m definitely keeping an eye on the dispute/claim bit. Glad to know I wasn’t the only victim though. Ugh.

        • They follow that same procedure, they won’t refund the money, so you have to escalate the dispute to a claim; that way PayPal will give them the option to reply to them directly with some information they will ask, and if they don’t respond to PayPal (they never do) PayPal automatically refunds your money. Give it a couple of days, if you haven’t gotten the refund on PayPal, just escalate it to a claim, and you’ll be getting your money back some days after that

          • Thanks for the info, I’m glad I found your article. I was expecting that ploy, actually (the pretending to refund you but not really ploy), but goddamn that’s all kinds of shady. How do people like this stay in business?

          • My guess is (and based on the responses I’ve seen) that they do their job when the customers are from the UK, but if you are from anywhere else, you face this situation. This was the main reason I started this series, because I looked for some feedback on this store and didn’t find anything, same with some other stores that I will be reviewing in the upcoming months.

    • I feel the same way, I wish I’d seen this post before pre-ordering an AC Messenger Bag, it was (still is) pre-order due August 2014. It’s been over 2 months and the only communication with them I’ve had has been initialized by me. They don’t know the meaning of being pro-active I better start the complains before it’s too late.

      • And to think that this store would be one of the best if they actually sold anything…

        • I’m shocked that they are licensed to sell the brand, i wonder if ubisoft and the others know how bad this guys are

          • I hadn’t thought of that…but you just gave me an idea, actually! Thanks!

          • I’m trying to look for the correct channel to send that comment/complaint if you happen to know where to go please let me know 🙂

          • I’ll look for it, if I find any I’ll let you know as the contacts I have aren’t for complaints but for press stuff 😛

          • I left a few reviews on their photos on their FB page and they started disappearing how odd. I also remember that I tried to leave a review on their website but turns out the review can only be seen by purchased people (after you have made the purchase) What the…..!?!?!?!

          • I had heard about the Facebook posts getting deleted whenever someone leaves a bad review, didn’t know about the reviews on their website, is good to know though!

  4. I also wish I had seen this article before ordering. My boyfriend wanted one of their new Destiny hoodies as a gift and I “pre-ordered” it on Sept 21. On Sept 30, I sent an email just to get an estimate of times since we were going to be out of town and I said in my email I was just concerned that I’d miss the package upon delivery. Their answer was that there would be a delay in answering my question due to their “office being closed Monday the 29th (I sent my email on the 30th) due to serious family illness” (is everyone’s family in their offices seriously ill?)
    Anyways, the message (which may have been an automated response) referred me to a link on their site with stock-updates, with very little information.
    They never “officially” replied to my email.
    Today, after reading your article, I have sent them another email and got another automated response redirecting me to their site for a new customer support system where you leave a message on their support page (instead of the previous personal email).
    I’m giving them/him the benefit of the doubt for a couple more days, if I don’t receive a response I will initiate a dispute with my bank as you have recommended.
    Thank you. 🙂

    • This is quite an issue, at least, you are getting an automated response that seems to be traveling through time as on the 30th they say they were going to be closed the day before…ugh! Such a bad service…I’m just glad I reviewed the site, because when I tried searching for reviews before my original purchase, there were no reviews of the site at all

  5. I ordered a destiny hoodie and the game destiny. My order now says it’s partially shipped, because the hoodie is a pre-order item. It’s been almost two weeks since I ordered. I’m from holland so they don’t have to ship that far. Has anyone actually had the status order say shipped? I’m just curious.

    • Hello Michiel, I have actually met one person who has gotten her orders fulfilled in the past. When I say that, it means that she told me about her experience, and how in the past she was a good customer of this store, always getting her orders, but from some time ago, she started experiencing the same issues that have been exposed in here, with this company not shipping her orders nor replying to her, which means that, for some time now, this company hasn’t been doing its supposed job

      • It’s been almost two weeks since I placed the order. I’m giving them ’till Tuesday, if I have not recieved anything I’m going for a refund.
        What I find strange is that this store is being recommended on my facebook and that they are licensed resellers. How can a store that recieves so much criticism still be licensed and promoted on top of that?
        I’ll keep you updated

        • Remember that, over Facebook, any Facebook Page owner can pay so that Facebook promotes the page. About the licensing, that’s a whole different situation. Before I met this person I mentioned before, I thought they didn’t even have those licenses, but I got told by her that she purchased some Assassin’s Creed stuff, and they were original and licensed, so, my own personal assumption is that they may be re-negotiating those licenses, and that’s why their service is so bad right now, but again, that’s just an assumption, because there’s also the point about them immediately removing any negative comment on their pages….

          • Today my game arrived. Was wrapped in a plastic bag and was protected with cardboard. So they can do it apparently. Now I’ll just have to wait for my Destiny hoodie.

          • Glad to hear you got part of it, hopefully you’ll get the rest of your order!

  6. Order placed on September 8th for those Destiny Hoodies. Money taken immediately, no response given for two full months. website has said mid oct, late oct, now mid november… it’s currently mid november with no response. I fully feel after reading this entry that they have no intentions of supplying products. I wish I knew beforehand.

    • It sure seems like that, as I’ve said, there’s only one person that has approached me saying she, at some point, was receiving her orders, but from some time now, they aren’t shipping anything, nor replying to customers’ emails; however, they immediately take down any negative comment against them in their social media accounts and website

  7. Agreed, I am currently working with my bank to recover the money they refuse to refund for what was supposed to be a birthday gift 5 months ago that never shipped.

    • That’s certainly the best way to go, mostly knowing that this is a recurrent issue for customers of the website

  8. Don’t buy from them!!! They will steel your money. I ordered an item in August, and they blocked my email. I can’t believe they are still in business. I repeat! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SHITHEADS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS STEELING YOUR MONEY!!!!

  9. GamerHELL you mean! I ordered something 6 months ago and after a month I still didn’t received anything. I emailed them with the question what’s up and they said they couldn’t deliver the item because it was out off stock. I asked for my money back and I still haven’t received my money! They also ignore my emails and I’m pissed off! I wish I knew this before I ordered something. They are just common thiefs, how they can even exist seize to amaze me.

    • As far as my knowledge goes, the issue with this company started at the beginning of this year, but before that, they were actually shipping and fulfilling orders properly. I am seriously starting to believe they no longer have the licenses and just don’t want to let anyone know about it…while basically stealing from customers

      • The issue that I’m most upset about is: that they are so rude.
        They told me multiple times that they would refund me, but now they are ignoring me. That’s just rude! I hope they sort things out or that they need to shut down the website/webshop. You can’t treat people like that.

        • Indeed, they have the worst possible customer service ever. When I actually got a response from them, they faked the date and time (something quite easy to do for an email) and tried to fool me with their response. When I let them know that they wouldn’t be able to fool me, they just never replied back again. If you still haven’t gotten your stuff, though, and they refuse to refund (legally, they can’t do this) just talk to your bank so that they reverse the transaction, that way there’s nothing they can do about it, and you will be getting your money back -normally and depending on your bank/country- within 30 business days

        • I to wish I had read this before I placed my order, their customer service is closed to help in the warehouse so the voicemail says. I ordered an in stock item the day before Black Friday, its been on waiting shipment since and I cannot get hold of anyone at all with no reply to countless mails or messages I have left, I should have spent the extra £1.00 on amazon, rather then trying to support a local(for the UK) business……

          • You have answered one of the questions I still had, they aren’t shipping even to local customers. With this, I have absolutely no doubt about them now being nothing more than a scam, unlike what the company was a while ago when they actually shipped the orders. I highly suggest that you cancel that payment, if you did it through PayPal, just file a claim for it, if you did it straight with your card, go to your bank so that they reverse the transaction, because they won’t ship your order, or so my knowledge and the plenty of responses I’ve gotten about this store, say.

          • Well…. they finally replied to my e-mails, conveniently they’ve ‘just’ shipped my order, just telling me to remember that it is their busiest time of the year, which okay I know this but surely they’d make some plans to allow them to be able to handle this very well known time of year, i’ll let you know if it ever arrives…. I bet it gets lots

          • Let’s hope you get it (such an incredible timing on that reply, though!) but on any case, remember that if you see it is getting close to 45 days since you made the initial payment and you haven’t received it, you should start the process with either payment method you used in order to get your money back, mostly if you are from the UK, as the shipping shouldn’t take more than 7 days!

          • Well I am really sad to say, although I was promised it would leave yesterday it didn’t at all, and have again promised me it has just gone in the mail, but no tracking information (which even at £2.99 for shipping you’d get a tracking number with the Royal Mail, I know this as I have used the same service leave for items I’ve sold on eBay)

          • That’s really interesting, and indeed, you get a tracking code with Royal Mail (I’ve used it a couple of times myself, just…for international shipping though) guess we will know in a matter of 1 to 3 days, because it shouldn’t take longer than that if they actually shipped it

  10. I have shocking news!!!! They actually had shipped I finally have my wallet that was in stock when placing my order…… This is in spite of their customer service team……… I will however NEVER buy from them again as they are just the worst place I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with

    • I’m really glad to hear that someone has actually gotten what they paid for. This news, though, just bring me back to my first guess then, which is that they are not shipping anywhere else besides the UK, because the other person that I know who had gotten her items delivered is not from the UK, and she stopped receiving her orders almost a year ago

  11. I ordered 2 hoodies for 95€ total and got 1 for 17€ that i didnt order.

    • extra or instead of what you ordered?

      • Hahaha… you are funny.
        Instead my friend, instead

        • Hey now, I have to give them the benefit of doubt, don’t I? This is, though, something I had never seen before….have you contacted them? Have they said anything about the “misunderstanding”?

          • Naaa man…they dont reply to my e-mails.
            The status of my order is now: partialy shipped.

  12. i bought a Christmas gift dec 2nd and they don’t response. Is ripleys clothing legit? It’s the only other page with that product

    • I’ve never used that store to be honest, I’ll look into it as soon as possible

  13. I had the same situation happen to me. I placed a order on october 21st 2014 for a Destiny hoodie that said it was $53 but turned out to be $84 at the end. It is now December 12th 2014 and I have only gotten one email from them saying my package is “awaiting shipment”. I feel very foolish in trusting their website and trusting them with my debit card information. I was so excited to give this hoodie to my boyfriend for Christmas and now I can’t.

    • Sadly, it is kind of late to get your money refunded back to you before Christmas, but still, you should talk to your bank so that they reverse that transaction, and that way you get your money back. It is really outrageous that this store is still operating after so many issues customers are having with them

      • I agree its ridiculous. Thank you so much. I’m very thankful for have finding your review.

        • Not a problem, this is the exact reason why I decided to start the online store reviews series

  14. Has anyone ever gotten an order from Gamer Heaven?

    • Recently, the few ones who have received -something- from them have gotten either something they didn’t order and that was way cheaper than what they were charged, or incomplete orders. But most just didn’t get anything besides their money taken from their accounts.

      • I actually got the sweat shirt I ordered…It’s really really late and I don’t think I’ll ever order from them again…but I did get it…so that’s something?

        • So…it took them 8 months to send you the item? That’s messed up, really

  15. I wish I had read the reviews regarding Gamer Heaven before I made purchase. This is a HORRIBLE CRAP COMPANY. and will never order from them again. I ordered a COD Hoodie for my son in November for xmas. I paid the extra shipping cost for a tracking number and the custom gamer tag printed on the back. Not only would they NEVER respond to emails but I never received a tracking number for which I paid for and the hoodie arrived after xmas and they didnt put the gamer tag on the hoodie either. they are a rip off and totally ripped me off my charging me for extra services that i NEVER received. PLEASE PASS THE WORD AND GET IT OUT THERE FOR PEOPLE TO STOP ORDERING FROM THIS LAME COMPANY. ….DONT GET RIPPED OFF TOO!!!

    • Really sorry to hear about this, and the worst part is that you are one of the very few that actually got part of their order, as most customers never get anything from this company

    • Did you buy through Paypal? You have 180 days to claim you never received. I got my refund in 1 day by expediting my claim against Phil Glossop the owner of Gamer Heaven.

  16. Wow, like many others, i wish i’d seen your serie before buying a Zelda hoodie, at the end of august, for my friend’s birthday who actually lives in UK (and i in Canada, if it makes a difference). I remember telling myself that she would get her stuff in no time since it was in the country…….oh boy was i wrong. Not only that now i know she won’t get the stuff but i looked at my order recently (because i got tired of looking all the time so i waited for quite sometime before looking again) and they changed the hoodie I ordered in the first place by another Zelda one. It was the same price though, but still, why the hell would they do that ?? And now it’s way past the 45 days to start a dispute with paypal, guess i’ll have to live with the fact i got robbed and that my friend never will get her present. Thanks for the review though, sure won’t buy from them again.

    • Even when you can’t dispute the transaction through PayPal, you can always try to do so directly with your Bank. There are plenty of evidence about this company scamming customers, so there shouldn’t be any issue with them reversing the transaction

      • Thanks for the tip, i’ll try it. In the meantime i have been searching for another website where they could have the same hoodie, and found one on Ripley’s clothing. Do you know of them ? I first found them on ebay and they have a good feedback. I’m just a bit worried i might get scammed again haha. Any thoughts ?

        • I’ve heard only good comments about them so far, haven’t tried them myself, but are in my “to do” list for the series, just after I’m done with the next entry that I’ve been delaying due to the holiday season

          • Oh great then, thanks, i’ll try them and let you know of my experience 🙂

          • Oh great then, thanks, i’ll try them and let you know of my experience 🙂

            So like i told you, here’s what i can share about Ripley’s. Service was easy and fast, ordered from them just after your last reply, said their despatch days were monday to friday, so i waited the weekend. First thing i know on monday morning, it has been despatched through Royal mail and my friend got it today, so only 2 days (she’s in the UK so of course it would be fast) but i would assume it would be just a bit longer, depending on custom/mail times, for the package(s) to get through anywhere else. Thanks again for your help !!

          • That’s great news! I guess I’ll have to review them shortly, then!

  17. Oh god I wish I’d seen thisbbefore ordering Arkham Knight hooding that’s debtor release tomorrow. My order updated this morning from awaiting fulfillment to awaiting dispatch. Hopefully it will be dispatched and I’ll have no issues but that’s looking unlikely…

    • Hopefully you will be getting it, please do let us know whether you get it or not

  18. Hmm,

    From everything I’m hearing here, my best guess is that they are in a legal dispute.

    I’ll dig around and see if I can find anything.

  19. It’s only been 2 months for me… :/ But I did get an email back from GamerHeaven customer support a month ago saying the clothes I’d ordered were on backorder. Weeks after their stock updates says their remaining backorder sizes would be in stock and still no clothes received. I’ve sent another email and I’ll give them a couple days to respond before contacting Paypal dispute services. then I’ll try a UK Ombudsman service. Found this Ombudsman service for UK advertisement issues: Advertising Standards Authority ( If anyone finds a better UK service for resolving business disputes please post here. TY

    • Well, I’m not 100% sure if PayPal’s 45-day dispute policy is worldwide, as I only worked for them for the US and Canadian markets, but if it is, contacting them over 2 months after the transaction was done won’t help too much

      • After 3 more email requests for GamerHeaven Help, I’m enlisting help from UK ombudsman. Nice site for requesting refund. (
        Company registration number 7298063
        C/O Crazy4 Ltd
        Unit 15
        Sugarswell Business Park
        OX15 6HW

        • That’s some great tip, thanks for that as I’m sure many will give it some use

      • Here’s what I did to get my money back QUICKLY. You can dispute a purchase that’s less then 180days old. First I sent an email to Gamer Heaven with a letter of deadlock attached. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 in the UK a seller must deliver the item in reasonable time. For me it was 71days and counting and I had received nothing. The following day I received an email stating my order had been canceled and I would receive a refund in 7 days or less. 8 days later after no refund I contacted Paypal and wrote of my numerous contacts with gamer heaven and not receiving my merchandise or a refund. I expedited the claim and the following day received a refund from Phil Glossop owner of gamer heaven. End of story and never buying from Gamer Heaven or Crazy4 Ltd

        • That’s still quite a long time to get a refund though. I will always advice that, if anyone take the risk to order anything from them again, do not wait more than the 45 business days PayPal gives to have a claim, if you place a claim with them, PayPal will reverse the transaction and you’ll get your money back, plus the company’s PayPal gets a bad record

  20. Your all in the same boat as me , Saw the advert on back of XBOX ONE mag Issue 117. Thought that looks cool, Ordered a Destiny Hoodie on 27/11/2014 . Still waiting after countless emails and phone calls. Paypal have been informed and not too mention to trading standards. Steer well clear from Gamers heaven .

  21. Been waiting on an Assassin’s Creed hoodie that I ordered January 14th! This is the worst site on the planet! Never order anything from these crooks. They take over a week to answer emails and even when they do they are useless.

    • That’s the overall consensus so far. The best way to go is just request a refund directly from PayPal or your bank, because they never issue the refunds, even though they will mark your transaction as “refunded” on their system if you do ask for one.

      • They did finally refund me, but shorted me $1.50. I don’t care about the buck fifty, but was so pissed off by then about all of it that I wrote them pointing out that they shorted me. I was told a week later that they refunded my full amount and considered the issue resolved. I wish this was an American company so I might get someone on the phone to yell at.

  22. Did the same to me… my order was made in February they took my money and i messaged them they would send it with a free gift over night ..but .. then i asked again a day later they said i responded to late and now they ignore me and i seen 15 other people with the same problem and still counting as i browse gamer-heavens comments i just want my money at least

    • To get your money back you will have to either get a claim going with Paypal (if you used them) or contact your bank so that they issue a reversal on that payment

  23. Any news on this store? Mostly negative reviews, but also mostly old…

    I’d like to buy the vault 111 bundle set (ltd edition) but not sure if safe as there is no PayPal, only creditcard on this site…And in the Netherlands creditcards are quite rare, believe it or not.


    • The latest information I got was from someone who ordered a package last year and just got it about a month ago. The way in which they work is still the same: if you are lucky, you’ll get your package months and months after you place your order; if you are not, you won’t get it at all

  24. Oh gosh I asked for a hoodie on that website on 18th November and now I’m definitely cancelling it and talking to my bank to see if I can have my money back. Awful.

    • It is sad to see how a company keeps going with its awful practice for over a year without being sanctioned or closed. The best way would definitely be to reverse the transaction because the people behind this store will only change the status of the transaction on their website without ever refunding your money

      • Yes, I’m talking with my bank first. I don’t even have the option “cancel order” on my order status, but I’d not take the risk of losing my money by cancelling it like that. What did you say to your bank? That you wanted to reverse the transaction? I mean, the bank can do that? I’ve never been on a situation like this.

        • In my case, when I used the store I paid through PayPal. I contacted the Store asking for a refund, they changed the order status to “Refunded” without sending my money back, so I opened a dispute with PayPal, and within a week (as staff from Gamer Heaven didn’t reply back to PayPal) I got my money refunded, as PayPal took the money out of their account.


    I ordered the Batman Arkham Knight Official Zip Up Hoodie for my Husband in APRIL for his birthday.

    After much back and forth of sob stories about troubles with their supplier and
    empty promises about it being “in the shipment expected to arrive next
    week”. I asked for a refund on Oct 20.

    On November 20th, again, after a number of back and forth emails in regards to my refund, I still had not received, they adv me that there was an Error with my refund and they asked for my banking information in order to refund my money!??!

    I worked in the retail industry for over 10 years, and my husband is a serving
    member of the local police department. It is absolutely ludicrous for a
    retail merchant to ask for such information from a customer for a refund,
    especially when they already have my credit card information on file. We
    make numerous purchases on-line every year and NEVER have we ever had such
    issues with a merchant and no one has EVER asked for banking information to
    proceed with a refund. And I have returned items to other UK merchants
    and the refunds were processed seamlessly.

    I wish I had done some research on this site before ordering from it, I fear I will never see my money back from

    They also don’t accept PayPal as a form of payment, which I find suspicious
    now, since so many people seem to have issues with not getting their items and
    then getting their money back from them.

    • Back in the day, they accepted PayPal for it. I am taking a wild assumption here, but it could be that PayPal itself closed their account due to many reversals (I worked for PayPal in the past, hence my assumption). The best way for you to go is directly with your bank, they can reverse the payment given how the merchant is not sending you what you paid for. The process -depending on your country- should take about 30 business days, though.

      • Thank you JohnHeatz. I have contacted my credit card company so fingers crossed!

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