Dark Souls 2 – Journal of The Brave Undead #3

Dark Souls 2 – Journal of The Brave Undead #3

This is the third installment of a series that acts as commentary of my playthrough of Dark Souls 2, and is told through the eyes of the Brave Undead in the form of journal entries. You can read the previous installment here, or start at the beginning if this is your first look.

Begin Entry

Of course, being too eager for revenge was my downfall. Twice I’ve been overwhelmed and have perished, but in my most recent attempt, I had an idea right before I died. As I drew my last breath, I happened to see an opening in the wall. This time I ran straight for the opening and was met by a ladder leading up to the moss-covered higher level of the structure. After climbing the ladder, I waited for the mindless Hollows to climb one at a time to their deaths. After they were easily dispatched I climbed a short spiral of stairs. The stairs led me to the higher level, which allowed me to see that the structure was built dangerously on a rock that jutted out into an abyss-like hole in the earth. With care, I was able to kill the bowman and find a proper sword on the long-dead body of a traveler.

In all this commotion, I hadn’t noticed the sleeping knight at the base of the tree. The Hollows must know to leave him be. I am sitting on the opposite side of the tree, and can see what looks like a tunnel leading out of the structure.

Next Entry

The tunnel led to a narrow hallway where I almost met death once more. I rounded a corner to be attacked by a Hollow, and wandered into a very small room where I ended up fighting two others while I only thought there was one. I am afraid to go on. I’ve drank my Estus, which has helped some, but I still have several wounds. Down the hallway is a Hollow carrying a greatsword.

Next Entry

Rotting, skeletal. Weak. That’s what I am. I hardly recognize myself anymore. I feel as though one blow could mean the end of me now.

The greatsword soldier cut me down, but not with ease. I could tell he was near death, but so was I from the start. As I was about to swing what I knew would be the last strike, he came down hard with his weapon. Poor timing on my part.

What did the Firekeeper call this? A Human Effigy. I’ve only one, but I see no other choice but to use it. If I am to defeat all of these enemies again, plus more on my way to (if there is another) the next Bonfire, I need to regain my strength.

Next Entry

A lot has happened. I am now in Majula, where I feel safest.

The Human Effigy will be a necessity, I realized. I don’t know how really, but the frail little item dissolved and flowed into me. I could feel it coursing through me as my flesh and strength returned and the sun warmed my face again. I can feel my heartbeat again. These Human Effigies are the key to keeping my humanity.

After regaining my strength, I took on the greatsword soldier once again. As he swung down with the attack that killed me previously, I was able to roll behind him and bring him to his knees. My sword slashed at his back and cut through his decayed body, leaving him still on the ground. Past him were many more Hollows, but they all fell to me until I came to a large door that led into the castle. That structure was no arena. This entire path has been part of a magnificent castle. Moss and trees twist and wind their way through it. It must have been here for ages for trees this large to inhabit it.

A bonfire was inside, as well as a merchant. Turns out she had the blacksmith’s key. He was eager to get back to work. I discovered that the means of trade in this land consists of souls. As I bought a new shield from Maughlin and had Lenigrast strengthen it, I felt myself becoming empty again. I am realizing just how important souls are. The Emerald Herald informed me that the souls grant me strength, but the price to pay is to have them taken from me. It’s an interesting feeling. These souls, the essences of life that I’ve taken from those that I’ve been victorious over, seem to fill some void. It makes me happy to have so many. Giving them up seemed unthinkable. But as I felt myself becoming empty, I could also feel myself becoming stronger. My armor seems lighter, my blade strikes harder, and I am not as easily exhausted.

I must continue to grow. There are whispers of great lords in Drangleic with powerful souls. Souls so large that I could never feel empty again and never go Hollow. But I know I would never stand a chance against them as I am now.

I will find them and take their souls. And though I am Undead, I will thrive in this forsaken land.

End of Entry

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