Destiny End Game Raids 6 Players only, No Matchmaking.

Destiny End Game Raids 6 Players only, No Matchmaking.

In conventional MMOs, end-game raids are would typically involve 20 players and up crawling through massive instances, and completing various objectives and defeating bosses that are otherwise impossible by a solo player. Bungie drives Destiny in another direction, for better or for worse.

Destiny will be scaling things down quite a little.
The raids would be restricted at a 6 player maximum, and has no support for matchmaking. Destiny’s writer, Luke Smith is quoted to say that “Raids are extremely crafted, six-player, friends-only gauntlet runs that might best be described as gut-checks.”

Unsurprisingly, the news sparked confusion and garnered negative criticism from those who had their eyes on the upcoming title.
The idea that the raids are bound by a strict 6 person entry does a disservice towards play sessions for a majority of the players. Chances are, you don’t have 5 other friends that are playing Destiny. And even if you do – the odds are such that not everyone is going to be free at the same time.

On the flipside, if you have more than 5 friends that are wanting to jump into a raid instance tonight, someone is going to have to sit out. The problem doesn’t solely lie with the fact that there will be no match-making, but how Bungie has decided to make their options for end-game raids so inflexible. Are players who are unable to gather exactly 5 friends going to miss out on critical game features?

In response to the outrage, Bungie has also released an unofficial reply on NeoGAF.
destiny no matchmaking

Smith also promises monsters and situations that “demand of you things you’ve never even really been asked to do in a shooter before.”

And perhaps, one of these situations is forcing players to go out there and make new friends, or maybe bugging your other friends to pick up a copy of Destiny so that you’d finally have a raid team. Some players are speculating that matchmaking would find its way into game after the furious waves of feedback, as of now Bungie retains a staunch defense in favor of their design choices.

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  1. I don’t care that there is no matchmaking for raids. Raids are an hour+ long game mode in destiny. The last thing I want is a group or even one person quitting because of a lack of commitment to complete it. It takes friends, planning, and preparation to complete the raids according bungie. Bungie let a group try out the vault of glass raid the hardest and most rewarding raid in destiny, 16 hours they could not finish it. Yeah, and bunch of random matchmaking people will stick around for that kind of experience.

  2. Weak.

  3. I agree ASSASSYN, It just goes to show that this article doesn’t really understand how raids work. Pretty much every every multiplayer game on consoles don’t have tghe depth raids have so the fact that console gamers complain just goes to show alot. It’s quite sad really.

  4. What a bunch of assholes. They basically said “we don’t care if we just excluded you from our content.”

  5. Wow that’s stupid. I don’t have any Xbox One Friends 🙁

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