If You Needed Confirmation The Walking Dead Season Three is a Fact

If You Needed Confirmation The Walking Dead Season Three is a Fact

Telltale Games have been doing an amazing job at bringing the story of The Walking Dead to our preferred gaming platforms, taking us almost to the climax of Season Two right now, but in case you didn’t think of it, Season Three is a fact, and it has now been made official.

These sort of early announcements always happen when you put together a lot of different game developers with plenty of comic fans in one of the biggest conventions of the year, yes, you know which convention I’m talking about, don’t you?

It was recorded during the Skybound Entertainment Panel at SDCC, and you can watch the whole thing below (or just skip to 18:10 in order to hear the announcement of The Walking Dead Season Three)

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The good thing, we will have yet another season of our beloved franchise; the bad thing? We don’t know anything about it, besides the fact that it won’t be coming this year, and that it is a fact they are making it (as said by Telltale Games President Kevin Bruner).

Is this a surprise to you or were you already expecting a third season?

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